The Weekend of Being a Supportive Girlfriend

Maybe you can tell from what I write/how bad I am at regularly making sure I am posting, but I can very easily get caught up in my work and doing what I have to do. However, on this particular weekend I decided to stay in town instead of going home since Asanti just came home.

Hindsight says that I made a good decision, but maybe you’ll read on and then tell me you think I’m wrong. Anyway, here is my weekend recap of being a supportive girlfriend.

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Spring Has Sprung Favorites

Before moving to Florida where summer feels like a year-round season, spring was my favorite season as a child. I distinctly remember being in second grade, and the teacher was trying to teach us about the basics when it came to polls and how those numbers worked for math class. She went around and asked us what our favorite seasons were, and got very annoyed when I raised my hand to tell her that she missed me because I was the only one that stood up to vote for spring. While it no longer holds the same place in my heart, I thought that talking about some of my favorite things that spring has to offer will give me something to look forward to this season.

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