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Let’s Do a Life Update

Hey everyone, I hope that things are doing well and getting better wherever you’re reading this from. It is May again, and I thought I would try and keep up with annually blogging the days up until my birthday. I’m getting a late start to this blog because life has been crazy busy with work and life changes, so I will be sure to do 8 other posts in some kind of form. That sounds like a lot, but I’ll be sure to hold that end of the bargain at the end of this.

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What I’ve Checked Out From the Library

I love books, and I actually used to be a real snob about going to the bookstore and owning my books. The thing about library books is that they would never be mine, because I would always have to borrow it and return it. However, I did have a library card, and I still have it to this day. Since I’m trying to save my money during tax season, and it’s National Library Week, I thought I would take the time to visit my local library and see how its doing. Keep reading to see my thoughts and what I checked out from the library.

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A Weekend In Memphis

I always thought that the first time I went to Tennessee would be to visit Nashville, but I actually went to Memphis back in 2019. I walked through Memphis on my own, actually a couple of blocks away from Beale, and by the time I was on the airplane home, I felt that I experienced all I needed to.

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Let’s Laugh with a Whole Heart

To this day, I’m very guarded about when I really laugh. If I’m in public, or with people I whose opinion I value, I will typically smile at the things that I find funny, or if everyone around me is laughing, I’ll let out a very controlled “ha-ha” so that I don’t stand out too much. With how forced the latter sounds, I’m surprised that it doesn’t draw more attention to me. It doesn’t feel natural.

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Planning My 2021 Vacations

While some people might hate the idea of sitting in the car for hours, I have always loved the control that sitting behind the wheel gives me. Keep reading to see where I plan to travel to once I’ve been vaccinated (this probably won’t be all of it, but it is what I have planned for now).

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How I’m Handling The Stress of Being Asian Right Now

With everything going on, I have a lot of thoughts on the matter as an Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAIP) person, and there is a lot of pain and hurt from that statement and everything else. In light of the recent events in Atlanta, and the way that Asians have increasingly become the target of hate crimes in the past year, I wanted to take the time to talk about what my experience has been like as an Asian American.

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My Favorite Advice to Women, by Women Header Image

My Favorite Advice to Women, by Women

Today is a great day, not because it’s a Monday, but because today is International Women’s Day. Growing up the oldest of four girls, it took me a little bit of time before I realized that we didn’t need to compete with each other. There was a time when I would get jealous, but I’ve realized that there’s enough going on in society and that there’s space for every woman. When I embraced this idea, my life became richer for it, and I have an amazing set of women in my life who remind me of my value in the world and I champion. In addition to telling the women in my life that I love them, I wanted to highlight some advice that some amazing women have given to other women in this blog post today.

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Exploring Islands of Adventure

Even though I would choose Disney over Universal when it comes to theme parks, I thought I would do a walk through of how I would spend a day at Islands of Adventure because today is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. It is the theme park with Seuss Landing, after all.

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5 Books I'm Reading During Black History Month Header Image

5 Books I’m Reading During Black History Month

For me, being an ally and supporting the black lives matter movement is more than just talking about it and posting a black box to my Instagram feed. There’s work to be done, and I want to continue to grow as a person by continuing to educate myself and putting action to my words while showing my support. That’s why I made sure to take the time this month to support black authors and educating myself with the following books.

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