Spring Has Sprung Favorites

Before moving to Florida where summer feels like a year-round season, spring was my favorite season as a child. I distinctly remember being in second grade, and the teacher was trying to teach us about the basics when it came to polls and how those numbers worked for math class. She went around and asked us what our favorite seasons were, and got very annoyed when I raised my hand to tell her that she missed me because I was the only one that stood up to vote for spring.

While it no longer holds the same place in my heart, I thought that talking about some of my favorite things that spring has to offer will give me something to look forward to this season.

Bright and Beautiful Colors

With Easter around the corner, lovely shades of pastel are coming in. It’s a color set that I have a tendency to gravitate to, because it’s one that is bright and playful while also bringing the perfect amount of softness. From cute Easter themed nails to fun sun dresses, spring is one that wins in the color department for me.

Blooming of Beautiful Plants

If you aren’t into pastels, bright and beautiful flowers also contribute to the colors of the world at this time of year. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers, and they start blooming right about now. Not only that, as the snow melts, it makes way for the growth of new plants. Beyond flowers, seasonal fruits and vegetables contribute to some of the best seasonal dishes. From fresh strawberries to perfectly ripe avocados, spring provides us with some of the best food.

Spring Break, At Some Point…

I’m not in school at the moment, but I remember one of the biggest changes from attending school in the Midwest to Florida is that spring break in Florida is only 1 week. I remember getting 2 in Illinois! There was so much more time to enjoy not being in school…

I also think that spring break is more enjoyable as a kid who didn’t live in a tourist state. As an adult, I understand how tourism is great for this small town I live in, because it stimulates our economy. However, as an adult that has to go to work and still wants to sleep in sometimes, it is a small thorn in my side.

More Daylight Means More Smiles

Now that our clocks have sprung forward, there is more daylight in our days. The extra Vitamin C is great for our health, from mental health to skin care. Some studies have shown that people with lower levels of Vitamin C often feel fatigued or depressed. However, don’t forget to apply some sunblock before you go out to soak in the sun.

What is your favorite part of spring? Do you have any fashion staples for the season? When you think about your childhood, what memories stand out for you? Tell me in the comments below!!

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