My Trip Advisor Guide to Disney World

Oh my gosh, it’s Disney Plus Day, but I have to say that I miss going to Disney World. You can make fun of me all you like for being a Disney adult, but Disney played a big role in my college career. Which still feels very fresh, because now I’m in the thick of it again with graduate school.

That’s also the same reason I haven’t gone back, because I don’t know if I can afford it right now. So for Disney Plus Day, I am going to share my personal favorites when it comes to the parks, from my favorite places to grab a bite to my favorite rides, and some of my magic tips. If you get the chance to go, maybe my suggestions will add a little magic to your trip.

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My First Weekend Wrap-Up

When I hop on this blog, I sometimes find that I struggle to find a topic that I want to write about. To simplify things going forward, I am considering reflecting on the weekend and sharing what I did. This is a lifestyle blog, after all. However, the issue might arise in the scenario when I work the weekends, because then the weekend wrap-up might not be so interesting. This is summer time though, so maybe things will be different and more interesting. Since I did end up having a fun and busy weekend, I thought this would be the week to try writing about it. Keep reading so that, when you reach the end, you can leave me a comment telling me if you have had fun living through the weekend with me, or if this was a summer snooze fest for you.

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