Another Weekend of Wisdom

So my boyfriend had another wisdom tooth removed before the weekend started, and I believe that this is the last one. The loving, doting girlfriend that I am, I took the weekend off of work to make sure that he was going to be okay. If you’re reading this, it is probably obvious that we both survived the weekend, and if you’re interested in seeing how, you can keep reading.

An Indulgent Friday

I am going to confess, I have been behind on sleep, so I took full advantage of this Friday. Like a teenager all over again, I slept until noon. Then my boyfriend and I opted to order breakfast to be delivered, because it’s the one thing I can’t actually make. I hope that the thought of me destroying the kitchen in an attempt to make breakfast makes you smile, because I am a little embarrassed by that.

While eating our pancakes and waffles, we watched Lightyear, which is now streaming on Disney Plus (not sponsored). It was a movie we wanted to watch in the movie theater, but we were never quite able to make it. Maybe it’s a good thing that we saved our money, because my boyfriend did not completely enjoy it; he found all the characters annoying except for Buzz, and he thought that the plot was pretty predictable. Compared to his analysis, I feel like I was sucked into it, because I ended up being emotionally invested and thought that the movie was pretty good. It isn’t something I could watch again and again, but I am happy to say that I did enjoyed it the first time. I especially enjoyed Sox, the talking robot cat.

After the movie, I decided to make a last minute trip over to Gideon’s Bakehouse to try to get my hands on a Coffee Cake Cookie. I don’t think this is a cookie that they have on regular rotation, but I think the first time I had it, I was inspired to make my own coffee cake. So when my sister shared that they would have the cookie for a limited time (AKA, just for that evening), I made the time to go and get it for us. Once the cookies were secured, I browsed the pop-up shops a bit, but ultimately ended up not staying long. I’m a worrywort, and even though my boyfriend is a grown man, I still wanted to make sure he was okay.

And he was. When I returned, he was gaming away on his computer. That was a lot better than last time, because it was about two or three days before he was sitting up at a computer after having a tooth removed. So he did that, while I did my own thing. That includes writing this blog, catching up on TV and pop culture (Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are pregnant again!), and texting some friends about the current season of The Bachelorette and how Tino makes me think of Rotten Robbie from Lazy Town.

Kept to Myself on Saturday

So I woke up and had no desire to stay in bed again. I say this because between healing from surgery and being on his medication, my boyfriend did want sleep in. So I let him sleep, and I went into the living room to do the stuff that I pretty much did on Friday. I wrote on this blog, and I went back and started rewatching Shadowhunters to see how well it’s aged.

Oh, I also accidentally made a super spicy soup, and then I learned that lemons helped me manage the spiciness levels. I got carried away when it came to the spices, and I was too hungry to start over.

A Sweet and Simple Sunday

I woke up on Sunday with a headache, which wasn’t fun because we had planned to clean the apartment on this particular day. And when I mentioned it to my boyfriend, he was very sweet about the matter, but I wanted to get it done and over with, so I took to sweeping the house after taking an asprin.

At the end of the day, it paid off; after we were done cleaning, he said that we hadn’t gone out in a while, so he pitched going out for dinner later.

I happily agreed. While he napped, I got ready, and we ended up going out for sushi. The place was pretty okay, but I don’t know if we would go back. We had a different place in mind, but went to the one we did because we were having trouble finding parking at the first place. When we got back, I fished for a compliment before happily falling asleep.

This was pretty tasty, but I think it was hard to eat because all of the stuff on top kept slipping off. I would eat it again if they could figure out how to fix that situation. I would also like to know if they had Thai tea, because I found myself wanting that.
This was pretty tasty, but I think it was hard to eat because all of the stuff on top kept slipping off. I would eat it again if they could figure out how to fix that situation. I would also like to know if they had Thai tea, because I found myself wanting that.

Have you had your wisdom teeth removed? What do you like to do on your own? Is there anything you’re watching now that you would recommend? I would love to know in the comments down below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My