Breaking Down My Wedding Look

While I typically wouldn’t say that I have style, I can semi-dress myself. I think I started to doubt my fashion recently when my boyfriend made a comment about it (I will unpack that more later). However, I am kind of enjoying the process of unpacking my style and fashion, so I’m probably going to keep doing it (and sharing it here on the blog, of course).

Plus, I think I looked pretty cute, and I’m the one who pulled the look together (with some input here and there). So keep reading if you want to get my look for yourself. Remember, anything that I post is stuff that I buy on my own.

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Dining and Dancing Through Prom Season

You would think that once you graduate high school, you kind of leave it behind you. That’s not the case for me; I feel as though I came into who I was in high school, making it a pivotal time in my life, and some of the really important relationships that I have in my life started in high school. The thing that inspires this blog post? My close relationship with my sister, who was recently asked to prom. It made me happy to hear that she had been asked, even though she has no intention of going. I’m going to assume that she would rather spend the night with me, but I have always been the girl who looked for any excuse to dress up and go get something delicious to eat. For today’s blog post, I wanted to reflect on my prom experience.

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My Short Story Box Buys

Here’s the long story, short: I had a friend who was reviewing personal styling services, and she needed a short person to try out Short Story Box. At 5 feet, I was a great fit. Now, I look forward to putting on a fashion show for my sisters and grandma every month, and I wanted to share my favorite buys today.

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