Debating About Friends After Watching for the First Time

I feel like so many people in my life love the show Friends that it was a crime that I hadn’t seen it. So I squeezed it in recently, and while I can say that I appreciate it, I don’t think it is as special to me as it is for everyone else. It is enjoyable for what it is, but I think the reason that people loved it so much is that they were living with it. Like, they had to wait week by week for the next thing to happen, kind of like how I loved shows like Big Time Rush, Hannah Montana, or The Vampire Diaries. They’re so memorable because I remember being invested in the characters, being upset by the cliff hangers, and just having a little escape from life. 

Anyway, for this blog post, I thought I would tackle some of the major debates about the show since Thanksgiving is around the corner. For me, the show really gives me Thanksgiving vibes, so that is my logic.

Best Friends Duo

When I say duo, I do not mean couple. I mean peanut butter and jelly, Batman and Robin, two peas in a pod kind of duo. So when you mix and match the six characters, who gets to be named the best duo? 

For me, I would give it to Rachel and Monica. They are the ones who have been best friends since high school, the show starts with them becoming roommates and I think they’re an example that opposites attract. Monica was always so clean, while Rachel was always kind of impulsive. Yet no matter how different they are, they are still good friends. 

Were Joey and Rachel a good couple? 

After Rachel moves in with Joey, he falls in love with her. Would it be important to remember she is pregnant during this time? She soon returns those feelings (or is it pregnancy brain?). This relationship doesn’t last long, not even a whole season. A few episodes, max, but it was so sweet to see Joey actually in love. 

Some people thought it was random, but I thought this was a good match. Obviously, Rachel was more in lust with Joey than in love, but I think the relationship worked because their personalities work together and it is just better when the guy is more into the girl. Maybe everyone’s upset comes from the fact that it happened so late in the show, but I think that’s true to real life. You never know where you’re going to find love, and I think this made me have a soft spot for Joey. 

Who is the best friend?

It’s an ensemble cast, so the show truly couldn’t work without all six of them. But there is always a favorite, and arguments can be made for each one of them. The story starts with Rachel coming to town, Ross is the character that has the most screen time, Monica’s apartment is the setting for a good part of the show, and on and on. So who would I consider the best friends character?

For me, I would say that it was Monica. Once she was with Chandler, she was in a constant and stable relationship.

Were Ross and Rachel on a Break?

This is obviously the major one that everyone spoke about that I could remember before I even started watching the show. The thing that happens is that Ross and Rachel are arguing about her work schedule again, so she suggests that they take a break. Ross thinks that she meant from the argument, to which she clarifies that they should take a break from their relationship. Heartbroken, he goes out with his friends and calls Rachel, and hears Rachel’s male coworker in the background. That might have been the thing that pushed him to sleep with the copy girl. Rachel found out about it, and that is how the whole thing started.

This situation is kind of complex, so here is my stance: yes, they were on a break, but if the relationship mattered to Ross at all, he would not have slept with the copy girl so soon. Also, I don’t know if the things said during a heated argument really count, so really Ross should not have been so quick to jump in the sack with someone else. So really, Ross lost faith and I don’t completely agree that he should’ve ended up with Rachel.

And at the end of the day, I feel like I haven’t said enough about Phoebe, but I really loved her as a character. The show really gives me the family feeling that I would want with Thanksgiving around the corner, and while it isn’t my favorite, I am glad that I have watched it.

Are you a fan of Friends? Do you agree with all of my takes? What show would you recommend for the holiday season? 

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