The July 4th Weekend of Meeting with Movers

I started out this weekend tired, because for me, this weekend started early, and not just because of the holiday weekend. Although, it might be said that my weekend ended earlier because of the holiday, because I ended up working. While I also spent the Fourth of July comforting my dog, I’m pleased to report that I can go into my week well-rested and content.

A Festive Friday

Since my weekend started on Thursday night, I had been out late the night before. Pair that with the fact that I was drinking, and it was inevitable that I would sleep in. It worked out for me, because I had no other plans aside from tidying up the apartment on this particular day. So that’s what I did while I watched the new Baymax! shorts.

That is, up until my friend called to tell me she got into MBA school. I was so proud of her, I went over to her house to celebrate for a bit. While I haven’t watched any of Stranger Things, she was celebrating by watching the season finale and drinking soju, so I did that too. It confirmed for me that Stranger Things is too spooky for me, so at least I probably won’t go into the effort of watching the whole series. However, I have to give the cast all the flowers, because I couldn’t imagine the effort of acting all of that out.

Once I returned home, I had some friends come over. I had agreed to let them pre-game at my place, because I had no intention of going out for a second night in a row. However, pre-gaming turned into all night drinking as we played games. Apparently, night life in Florida is very mild compared to other states, because they were very surprised to find that the clubs were closing at 2 AM on a Friday night. So instead, they stayed at my place and we played games, and my competitive nature kept me wide awake, especially as we played Taboo.

A Not-So-Sunny Saturday

We were all so wrapped up in Taboo that the sun was getting ready to rise when we finally decided to go to bed. Since it was only 3 minutes before the actual sunrise, we went to take it in on the rooftop and actually ended up falling asleep around 7 AM.

It’s possible that my home was just a revolving door for the weekend, because after my friends left around 10 AM, I got ready for another friend to come over around noon. Luckily, in doing all my house chores the day before, I had also done most of the prep work for the lunch I was making for her visit.

While the initial plan had been that we would go to the pool and then have lunch, Mother Nature was not going to let that happen. It was a wide shower of rain by the time she arrived, so we just hung out and she enjoyed lunch. My boyfriend joined us as well, and we started watching Unreal. As Bachelor fans, it was intriguing for us to think about all the stuff happening behind the scenes, but it was kind of depressing to find that there was really no one to root for. It was worse when we started thinking how horrible some people could be.

After a few episodes, she had to go, which gave me time to catch up on the sleep I lost. Which was great, because the coming days ended up being pretty labor intensive.

Sunday, Monday, or Holiday?

I’m going to tell you now that I really needed more than the amount of sleep that I got, but I know there was no one else to blame except for me. Sunday and Monday didn’t end up being too different, except for the evening portion. On both days, I woke up and reported to work, which were pretty slammed.

After work on Sunday, I took my sisters to have dinner with some friends that we shared. We knew that it might be the last time that we would all get together like this, because one of the friends got into medical school, and the other one was moving to Texas. We were trying to make the most of this get together, and so after dinner, we spent time baking cookies. Or I should say that they spent time baking cookies; I acted as a chauffeur and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke, one of my sisters was putting a cookie in my face. It was a little after midnight when I suggested that we go home because I was working the next day.

After work on Monday, I went home and pretty much collapsed on the bed. Not everyone wants to work a holiday, which made work feel like it was much more slammed. So I was exhausted, and did not mind an evening of chilling with my sisters and comforting my dog through the fireworks. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep long before my sister did.

How did you spend your weekend? What is the best thing to do during the summer holiday? Is there something you’re binge watching that you would recommend? Tell me in the comments below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My