Tampa Time in June 2022

So this weekend wrap-up is coming a little later than I expected, because I needed Monday to recover. Why? Instead of having a whole weekend in Tampa like I originally intended, I ended up traveling back and forth all in one day.

Other than that, the weekend was pretty uneventful, but if you want to know all about it, you should keep reading. You might just read about how I react when I meet someone I consider famous.

Fresh Hair and No Cares

My boyfriend woke me up on Friday, but he doesn’t know that. I was supposed to pick him up from his red eye flight, and I slept past my alarm a little bit. So when he called me when he landed and asked, “Why do you sound sleepy?” my answer was that I didn’t really sleep, which wasn’t a lie. But I definitely rolled out of bed and went to pick him up from the airport. I was so sleepy that when we got back to the apartment, we ended up napping together until I needed to leave.

I had an appointment to get my hair done, but before that I had to pick up some banh mi sandwiches for my family. On my drive home, it was like the world wanted to cry with all the pain people are experiencing because of the decision that came from Roe v. Wade. As a woman in society, I am feeling a lot of things on how this sets us back, but I’m not a professional who can speak on the matter, so that is all I am going to say on that. But the weather seemed to match the mood for the day.

Anyway, I went a lighter shade of blonde than I had before. Since it’s summer time, I kind of want to have a touch of sunlight in how I look beyond the clothes I wear or how tan I am. So I chose to get a bit more light blonde and get a trim to get rid of the dead stuff. Good thing too, because the downpour of rain made me check the weather forecast for the weekend, and the prediction was plenty of thunderstorms and showers. While my hair ended up shiny, the sun was night. It was not the summer getaway that I wanted, so I suggested to my sisters that we reschedule our trip and keep it low-key instead.

I'm loving the way that the sun glints off my blond hair here! Would you agree? It seems like golden hour.
I’m loving the way that the sun glints off my blond hair here! Would you agree? It seems like golden hour.

All Smiles Saturday

Of course, they were kind of bummed about it, but they understood. And I didn’t just leave right away so that I could spend some time with them before having too much fun. I took them out for ice cream at one of our favorite local places, and we played games on the Nintendo Switch that we had. Those are the things that we like to do when we just hang out.

It’s always a good time with family. I even logged back into Animal Crossing, which I hadn’t done in a while. Two months, if we’re being exact (thanks Sylvana for making me feel guilty. It definitely makes me want to log on more). After some quality time, I left to return back to my apartment, because my boyfriend had family in town, and I wanted to spend quality time with them as well. With family being such an important value to us, I wanted to make sure that we all got along.

Speedy Sunday

While most people like a slow start to their Sundays, I had to get up bright and early on this particular Sunday because of the changes I had made to the plans I originally made. Regardless of the weather, I was going to Tampa because I had bought tickets to the Lady Gang Lady Hang show at the Tampa Improv.

Instead of traveling with family and making a weekend out of it, I ended up traveling by myself just for the day. I had only bought my single ticket for myself. No one else wanted to come, but I think that ended up working out better since I had changed the plans. Sometimes you have to be willing to do things on your own, because you don’t know what you’ll miss out on if you skip doing what you want to do.

It was on this day that I figured out how I would react to seeing someone remotely famous. I was walking up to the venue, when a girl in a car parked out front says, “Hey girl!” And I smiled and started engaging in conversation with her, and it took me a second to realize that it’s Jac Vanek, one of the hosts of The Lady Gang. The next thing that happens is that I black out because I don’t feel cool enough to be talking to her, and I must come off as dead as a door nail because she says, “It’s Jac.” And that made me want to melt in the Florida sun and hide under a rock.

This is my second time going to one of their shows, and it is always a good time for me. I always meet people, and there’s always so much laughing. I don’t think I would ever pass up the opportunity to go to one of their shows, because I always leave feeling good.

After the show, one of my sisters meets up with me and we get Korean BBQ before I drive back to my apartment. I’m so exhausted that I ended up taking the quickest shower and falling asleep.

You know... a lot of people get excited about the prospect of all you can eat meat, but my favorite part of getting Korean BBQ are all of the side dishes...
You know… a lot of people get excited about the prospect of all you can eat meat, but my favorite part of getting Korean BBQ are all of the side dishes…

Who do you like to spend your quality time with? What is a summer fashion trend that you would consider to be a staple? Is there an entertainer that you would never pass up the opportunity to see? Tell me in the comments below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My