I’m Feeling Good About Pre-Ordering Books

As much as I call myself a bookworm, I have only now, at twenty-four years old, pre-ordered my first book ever. I held back from doing it, because there is the part of me that loves to visit the bookstore and to see the book on the shelf before I buy it. But after my first time doing it, I will probably do it all the time now, especially since it’s one of the best way you can support an author you love.

My Pre-Order: Jason Tartick's The Restart Roadmap
I thought I needed to reevaluate how I look at my life and career, and I thought this book was the solution to that, and that is why I decided to pre-order it.

Why I Am Into It

I hate waiting for a book, especially when I’m waiting for the next part of a series. I don’t know if this happens all the time, but I received my book in my mailbox before the official release date. That is a game changer for me! I thought it would be sent out on the release day, but if I am going to get it before, I will do this all the time.

As someone who hopes to have a writing career one day, I am ashamed that I have not committed to pre-ordering sooner, because there are so many benefits for a writer trying to sell their book.

Hype Sells

So how do pre-orders benefit a writer? The numbers of pre-orders influence the opinions of retailers. The more pre-orders there are, the higher the projection of sales, so retailers will potentially buy more. That will lead them to selling more, and if a writer is making money off of the books that are sold, they will then get paid more.

Pre-orders also count toward the first week sales, and that factor plays a role in how The New York Times calculates what books end up on their bestsellers list. That then creates more buzz, and more marketing opportunity, which will sell more books, which brings it back to the previous point.

Do you have an author you love to support? Is there something you do now that you wish you started doing sooner? What are you reading now? Tell me in the comments below, I can’t wait to talk about these things with you.

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