I’ve Become a Fan of the D’Amelios

I love listening to podcasts, and one that I listen to on the regular is Trading Secrets. It comes out on Mondays, and it is all about finances and ways that people have successfully restarted their careers. Jason Tartick is the host, and the guest that he had last week was Marc D’Amelio.

Of course I had heard of the D’Amelios before this, but I don’t think that I really developed an interest in them until the past week. Obviously, Charli and Dixie were very trendy during the pandemic when Tik Tok really started to become popular, but at the time, I believed that I was too old and uncoordinated to be dancing on a social media platform.

After hearing Marc speak on the podcast, and hearing that Charli and her mom Heidi are competing on Dancing with the Stars this season, I wanted to know all about them. So instead of caving and downloading Tik Tok, I went and started watching The D’Amelio Show on Hulu. After finishing all of season one, I’m now a fan who is contemplating downloading Tik Tok.

They’re a Smart Business Family

While Marc and Heidi confess on the show that they didn’t really understand being able to make money on social media, they trusted their daughters enough to move their whole lives all the way across the country to give it a shot. Moreover, they understood what they didn’t understand and hired professional people to help them handle those aspects of the business. It’s a good business approach, and it’s an approach that also helps their family dynamics.

In season one, you can see Charli and Dixie each individually have their meltdowns. While a viewer doesn’t get to see them going to therapy, because Heidi is right in saying that they don’t have to, they do talk about their experiences. Even though Marc and Heidi don’t understand what Charli and Dixie are going through, it’s great that they are so supportive and do what they can to help their children in the business and family aspects of their lives.

You Can’t Fault Them for Having Dreams

In this day and age, having a great social media following can be a great advantage. But is having a great social media presence the only thing everyone wants? From a personal perspective, I don’t think so. For me, I would love to have more of a social media presence because I think it will create other opportunities for my writing. It gets more eyes on the words I write, and proves that someone has an interest in what I have to say. But for me, social media isn’t the end all, be all career.

That’s why it was kind of crazy to me that people could be so mean to Dixie about wanting a music career. Being mean on the internet is a strange concept to wrap my mind around, but so is social media growth. Dixie amassed her following because people are interested in her. She can’t help that her sister became famous first, but you also have to give her her own credit. Dixie has been captivating enough on her own to maintain her following. If she’s always wanted to do music, having this platform has just increased her opportunity and access into the industry. It’s ridiculous to hate on her for it, because that hate is probably just uncontrolled jealousy for what she has been able to accomplish. It isn’t an easy industry to get into, but her social media following is what helped her get there.

They’re Doing Their Best

I was tempted to include, “Just like everyone else,” at the end of that subheading, but when I hear that strangers are being atrocious to people on the internet, I’m reminded that not everyone is trying to do their best. That reminder always makes me a little sad, because one of the ways that I’ve been living my life is just believing that everyone is doing their best.

No matter what though, no one is perfect. No one. Heidi thought that going back to dance would help Charli be a little more comfortable with herself, because it was something Charli once loved. Did Heidi know that it would stress Charli out in the face of everything else? No, of course not. She was working off of what she once knew, and life changes all the time. Now they know, and they are going to move on accordingly. That’s what life is supposed to be.

Charli Could Win Dancing with the Stars

Which brings us to this season of Dancing with the Stars, where Heidi and Charli are competing against each other. I don’t know why Carrie Ann said, “Welcome Tik Tok to Disney Plus!” I feel like Jojo Siwa was definitely on Tik Tok, and other people who have been contestants use Tik Tok. It could be because Charli’s the first person who is actually known for Tik Tok, so maybe the comment is valid.

Anyway, after watching the first two episodes of Dancing with the Stars, I think Charli could win the season. I also think that Heidi or Trevor Donovan would be the underdogs in the running. For me, Charli is the front-running contender because she has been getting great scores, and she has the voting fanbase. This gives her the two necessary advantages.

Heidi is the underdog I’m rooting for because she loves dance, and I don’t know if she has dance experience, but I know she does care about it. Her scores haven’t been as good as Charli’s, but I think that her family (Dixie and Marc) can play a big part in garnering votes for her. I’m sure they’ll also support Charli, since they’re a family unit.

Trevor Donovan is someone I named because I’m unfarmiliar with him, but his story line on Dancing with the Stars has gone from “I’ve never danced because I’m afraid of dancing,” to getting some pretty good scores this week. So that surprises me, and makes me think that he is an underdog here.

With season two of The D’Amelio Show airing today, do you think you’ll be tuning in? Have you joined Tik Tok, or are you in the same boat as I am? Who do you think will win this season of Dancing with the Stars? I would love to know your throughts in the comments below.

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