Day 4 in Detroit

Day 4 was my quiet day. And it drove me a little stir crazy. But that’s okay, because it was probably much needed for me. Read on to learn about it.

Three Movies

We watched Boss Baby, The Belko Experiment, and The Bucket List.

Boss Baby was so cute, and so real that I loved it. The movie portrayed the real emotions that a child feels when they find out that they are receiving a little sibling in their life (I would know, I’ve gone through it three times) and adding a fun twist to it.

The Belko Experiment was a movie that made me sad for humanity. Legitimately a movie  that takes The Hunger Games and tries to apply it to real life. Unlike The Hunger Games however, there is no hope in this entire movie. There’s no plot other than survival. It’s not a movie I would want to watch again, because I cried a little, and I will probably not watch the sequel either. My skin kind of crawls to think about it. Definitely not a movie for my taste.

The Bucket List was a great movie to follow The Belko Experiment, just because it was a feel good. Plus, who does not enjoy a movie with Morgan Freeman? It’s strange to me that the only thing that gives away the evolution of his age are the gray hairs on his head. This is definitely a classic that I recommend.

Nitrogen Ice Cream

Have you ever seen ice cream made right in front of you? And not the make in a bag ice cream that you make when you’re in grade school (though I heard that’s something I’ve only experienced, I don’t believe it). The ice cream I’m talking about is Nitrogen based.

After all the movies, my cousin suggested that we go to Nice Creamery, and it erased the idea of the Belko Experiment from my mind. I will definitely say that the ice cream here was delicious, and something I would recommend everyone try once in their life.


At the end of the evening, we went bowling. I will conclude this post by saying that I am not gifted in this area of my life, because I’m pretty sure that I would have to get 2 gutter balls before I could knock down any pins. Enough said.

This was not my most interesting day, but if you want to read about an amazing dinner that I had, I would read my Day 3 post. Or if you want to know where the largest indoor outlet mall is in Michigan, I would suggest my Day 2 post.

Until next time, love always,

Kristi My♥