Day 5: My First Club+Advice

I went out to my first club today after a long lazy day. Breakfast at the same Vietnamese restaurant as my first day, more Netflix, and then I even attempted to go for a run because I was just going so stir-crazy from staying in so much. I’ve mentioned that I’m not good at not doing anything, right?

My cousin, on the other hand, worked all day. And yet, she came home and was all, “Let’s go out tonight.” Happy was super excited to have me around because she wanted to be the one to take me to my first night club, which also covers the “Go out all night” base of “20 Things I Want To Do When I’m 20” post.

While I was out at Vogue Nightclub, I learned a thing or two, and I thought that I would share them with you here.

DO Go With People You’re Comfortable With

Honestly, I’m glad I went with Happy, because it’s easy for me to let loose with her. She doesn’t openly judge me, and I trust her. I knew I wasn’t in danger, and I knew that I didn’t have to filter who I was or pretend to be someone I wasn’t. There’s a great freedom to that.

DON’T Wear Sandals

I don’t think you hear this a lot, but I wish I brought a pair of heels with me, because I think I would’ve let loose a lot more on that dance floor. The comfortable shoes thing kept me within the confines of my comfort zone, and I didn’t want to move out of it. Heels may cause discomfort, but I think I dance better in heels than I do in sandals. Plus, heels just look sexier.

DO Go With a Positive Mindset

Perspective shapes every experience, every situation, every aspect of life. If you go out with a negative mindset, you will have an awful time. Having a positive attitude and an open mindset is the key to any experience.

DON’T Do Anything That You’ll Regret

Know yourself well enough to know how you’ll react to anything you’ll do. I’ve been invited out various times, but my thing is that I don’t want to go out using a fake, and then cover is kind of pricey if you don’t drink because that’s how clubs make money. I know that if I go out with a fake, I would be super paranoid that I would get caught, so it’s better that I just didn’t. Because I stuck to who I was, I was able to enjoy it more.

DO Go For Milkshakes After

This is probably different for everyone, but I don’t think that any night out is complete unless it ends with a milkshake. I’ve done it for Homecoming, Prom, even after driving home as a bridesmaid for my cousin’s wedding. It’s just a sweet way to end anything.

Closing Remarks

I hope that this helps you when you go out for the first time. Do you think that I covered all my bases? I’m sure I am, since I’m a newbie. I’d love your feedback, your do’s and don’ts.