Day 3 in Detroit

This was quite the day. I thought I finished all my traveling when I got home from the plane, but it seems that there is ┬áno end. I’m not complaining, though. Everything comes with a cost, especially magical things, like the taste of good food.

Today was my third day in Detroit. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest that you also check out my blog posts from Day 1 and Day 2.


Worst breakfast ever. We ended up going to a place called Little Saigon in Madison Heights, and despite the reviews here, I would not want to return. Starting with the moment we walked in, I wanted to walk out. The food ended up being sub-par and the service terrible. Never again as far as I’m concerned.

When Mother Nature Has Other Plans…

We were trying to plan a trip to the beach, but then by the time that we left breakfast, it was cloudy, and when we got to the house, it poured. There was no way that we would be able to go to the beach in that weather, so we opted to staying in…

Kensington Metropark

…for a little bit. Until my cousin Landon came over with his girlfriend and suggested we go fishing. The drive was a little long, but we headed to Kensington Metropark, where we saw cute little animal paddle boats and decided to take them out.

Thor, our swan peddle boat.
This was our swan boat, Thor.

Side note: This is a great leg workout, especially when you get on the boat with enthusiasm and your cousins feel lazy.


I could tell from the seaweed that I could see from peddling the boat that there would not be a lot of fish. Still, after our little ride on the water, the cousins insisted on fishing. While they did that, I took advantage of the time and went to take photos. In the end, I think I won, because while I got some great photos, they caught some seaweed and a tree (my cousin cast a line and it got caught in a tree.

A photo I took of the sun shining through the trees.


I think this is the best meal that I’ve had the whole time that I’ve been here. One our way home, we stopped at Ajishin Japanese Restaurant in Novi. It’s small and apparently there’s always a wait no matter what time you show up, but we waited and that wait was worth what I got. The five of us each had a bowl of udon noodles and sushi, and the total ended up being around $56 dollars. That’s roughly $11 per person.

Not only that, but the food was incredible. Udon noodles are some of my favorite things, but I have never had them the way I had them here, not even in New York. Definitely a must-stop.

At-Home Movie

Even though I was overly exhausted, I had yet to spend any time with my cousin Tim yet. When we got home, Kim and Happy were ready to sleep, and Tim had gotten home from work and wanted to do something. At 11 PM at night, there was not much to do other than watch a late night movie.

We ended up watching Split, the movie about the man with dissociative identity disorder who kidnapped three girls. I gotta give props to James McAvoy, because his acting was on point in this movie. The constant personality switches were very believable, as well as his portrayal of each personality was spot-on. The movie itself, however, is not so great. I think it’s the plot and supporting characters that throw me off. Also, being a psychology major, the one major fault of the movie is that personalities can only switch through a linear fashion.

All in all, the day was a good day, beach or not.