3 Things on My Summer Bucket List

As someone who just graduated college, summer isn’t as fun anymore. Even when I was taking summer classes, I had the freedom to go to the mall or the beach if I wanted to. Now, I find myself working a majority of the time, and while it’s nice to have money, I’m tucked away at work and too tired to be out spending it.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, though. I’ve been taking on a large workload because we’re short staffed at work, but since we’re expecting some new people to come in, I should be working less soon. So with that being said, I am looking forward to having more free time as that rolls around.

I’m looking forward to it so much that I already have some ideas of what I would want to do when I get that time. Curious about what is on my summer bucket list? Keep reading to find out more.

3. Sister Staycation

“What do you want for your birthday?” one of my sisters asked me last month as my birthday was approaching.

“I just want to rent a house with a pool and not have to go anywhere for a few days,” was my answer. And it’s still my answer. I want to go somewhere and not have to get dressed, sit in traffic, and deal with other people for a few days. I want the ability to wear some cute bathing suits, swim in a pool, and then shower before resting up.

I know a lot of people are excited for everything to open up so they can go out, but after all these long hours of work and not being home, I would not mind some R&R at home. Plus, between them being in school, and me being at work, I don’t feel like I see enough of my sisters anymore. And we live together.

I was trying to find a photo of us from our road trip together, but we don’t have a lot of photos together. So this photo is from our family trip to ring in a new year.

2. Gambling?

It’s apparently going to be the hottest time of year, but my boyfriend’s dad has invited us to Las Vegas. I’ve never been before, but I know I’ve always wanted to participate in casino things. Like, I would want to sit at a blackjack table, or say, “Raise,” or, “Fold,” at a Texas Hold ‘Em table. I don’t know if those are the rules, which I guess reveals that I don’t even know how to play. But that’s okay, because I’m willing to learn. If you haven’t guessed, I’m more in it for the experience of playing and have no goals of hitting a jackpot (but I am open to that experience).

I’m sure it’s obvious, but the best part of the trip is that I will be spending it with my boyfriend, who I love more and more everyday. It amazes me that the love I have continues to grow, and it’s one of my favorite things to talk about because I smile so hard, but its such a fairy tale come true that I have to.

3. Refinement and Refreshment

Honestly, at the end of it, I just want to take full advantage of the time that I have out of the office to enjoy good food and sleep. Would I love to have a summertime body? Sure. But the reality is that I am tired, and the seasonal summer fruit is too good to resist.

For example, I had a Saturday off last week, and I took my sisters to Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream. One of their seasonal flavors was Summer Melon, and it brought back memories of when I was a kid and would get a melon popsicle from the store. I don’t want to miss out on these things, and I don’t want to be so tired either.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Are you going out or staying in? Do you have any Vegas secrets you’re willing to share with me?

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Love Always,

Kristi My