What Is the Greatest Gift?

I recently answered Vogue’s 73 Questions in 3 different parts, and I wanted to elaborate on one of my answers and how those blogs came to be. In honor of National Loving Day, I want to answer why I believe that love is the greatest gift.

How Did I Hear About Vogue’s 73 Questions?

It happened when I thought I was experiencing love for the very first time. I was bringing this guy with me to a sorority formal, and we didn’t have much to talk about in the car, which should’ve been a sign to me that we weren’t going to make it. Instead of leaning into the silence of the car, this date of mine suggested we take turns answering Vogue’s 73 Questions. I said sure.

At some point, he asked me, “What is the best gift you’ve ever received?” Looking back at my blog posts, I didn’t seem to have that on my list, but I know my answer from then is still the same as it is now.

“Love,” I said without hesitating.

I could hear him snicker. He waited. As I drove, I gave him a look that made him realize that I was dead serious about my answer. Maybe I was foolish at the time for not realizing that something could’ve come from this.

“Oh, you’re serious,” he said, before getting into his answer of how his grandfather bought him an alumni membership to his college and how a friend tracked down an original copy of a playbill from one of his favorite plays.

There was nothing wrong with his answer. I can see how sentimental and meaningful those gifts were–one took time and thought to track down, and the other was from his grandparent. But as a girl falling in love for the first time back then, and a girl that falls more in love everyday, I still truly believe that the greatest gift is love.

Perfect lighting, perfect dress, perfect man... What more can a girl ask for when she already has love?
Perfect lighting, perfect dress, perfect man… What more can a girl ask for when she already has love?

What Is Love?

Love has many definitions, and I think people try and differentiate between the types of love and relationships. At the end of it though, I don’t think love can be put into words or emotions. Its just known when it’s felt, and it’s as simple as that.

It’s the feeling that makes me sink to the floor when I come home to my excited little puppy so that I can rub his belly and pull him into my lap before pulling my sock off my foot so that he can chase it.

Love is the laugh that escapes my throat when I’m bonding with my little sisters over a silly moment, or the laugh that erupts when I burp and make eye contact with my grandma and she wonders if I’ve become a boy because of how boisterous it sounded.

Best of all, love is the comfort I feel at night when I snuggle against my boyfriend and he strokes my hair. He makes small talk, because as much as he’s okay just enjoying my company, he knows that my brain appreciates prefers the stimulation of sharing what is on my mind. It’s the appreciation, trust, and respect that continues to grow the love I have for him.

In case you didn’t know, I’m a part of this developing nonprofit called the Be Still Collective. I love this graphic that was designed by the founder and thought I would share it here today.

How do you define love? Have you had an epic love story? What would you say is the greatest gift you’ve received? Tell me in the comments below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My