Let’s Do a Life Update

Hey everyone, I hope that things are doing well and getting better wherever you’re reading this from. It is May again, and I thought I would try and keep up with annually blogging the days up until my birthday. I’m getting a late start to this blog because life has been crazy busy with work and life changes, so I will be sure to do 8 other posts in some kind of form. That sounds like a lot, but I’ll be sure to hold that end of the bargain at the end of this.

Because it’s been a year, I thought I would bring everyone up to speed on where I feel I’m at in life, what minor changes might have had a big impact, and where I hope to go from here. Let’s dive into it then.

The Second Dose of the COVID Vaccine Is Hitting Me Hard…

I started this post before I left for my second dose, and I can say that I wasn’t expecting that second dose to be hitting me as hard as it is still, now. If I was grateful for my health a year ago, the degree of aching that my body feels now makes me want to get on my knees and thank the world for my health on a normal day.


Before I graduated, I used to say that I would never graduate. I would joke about how I would pick up another degree and just be in school for years. Now that I’m in the workforce as a college graduate, I think I’ve realized just how good I had it as a student. I’m very much anticipating when I can go back. As much I love working with people and clients, I loved being challenged to learn something new all the time. I love fun facts so much that my vitamins that I take are packaged in a way that I either get fun facts or a daily quote. The fact that I have daily vitamins that I take makes me feel like a real adult.

Gosh, don't I look so happy? I miss it.
Gosh, don’t I look so happy? I miss it.

Is Self-Help a Phase?

At the end of 2020, I decided that since I became a college grad, I wanted to take the time to focus on myself. I had plans to take a year off of school, and focus on building my resume and being a better adult. And so I signed up for a coaching program. I’ve seen some improvements, and it’s a program that has made me think of my life differently, but I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with it after a year. We’ll see though.

Shot-Girl Summer?

You know, in the midst of being trapped at home, I said that I would be fully ready to party once we could again. But now that I work, I’m back to that mindset that I would rather be at home with my dog and sleeping. Plus, the idea of showing up to work with a hang-over does not sound appealing at all. A year might have passed, but it seems that a lot of things have stayed the same, which seems to include the patterns of my personality.

Look at me, staring off into the distance, dreaming of an open life of freedom...
Look at me, staring off into the distance, dreaming of an open life of freedom…

If you’ve been vaccinated, did you struggle after having the second dose? How do you feel about the self-help industry? Do you have any exciting plans happening this summer? Tell me in the comments below!

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Kristi My