30 Little Things of My Heritage That I’m Proud Of

Something fun about May is that it is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, which is something to add to the long list of things that I get to celebrate at this time of year. While I initially wanted to talk all about why I value my heritage and how it’s contributed to the person I am, I thought I would keep it more lighthearted and fun since we’re halfway through the week. There’s a graphic going around Instagram created by the user @procrastin.azn, and it’s titled “30 Days of API Pride.” Instead of doing 30 days, I thought I would just answer them all for day 13 of my blogging challenge today.

1. Share Your Roots

My parents are refugees of the Vietnam war, so I’m a child of Vietnamese heritage on both sides.

2. Share Your Country’s National Flowers

3. Favorite Dish From Your Culture

Banh Seo, a savory Vietnamese crepe full of stir-fried vegetables and meats. My Grandma always tries to tempt me with them so that I’m home more often.

My grandma will always try to use banh seo to lure me home. It tends to work, most of the time. How can it not? It's crispy deliciousness.
My grandma will always try to use banh seo to lure me home. It tends to work, most of the time. How can it not? It’s crispy deliciousness.

4. Favorite Dish From Another, Different Culture


5. Share a Childhood Photo

Look, it's baby me. Even as a baby, my hair stood on end...
Look, it’s baby me. Even as a baby, my hair stood on end…

6. Tag an API Singer and Your Favorite Song

7. Share an API Artist’s Artwork

Zhijun Gu is pretty cool, but I don’t really know art.

8. Recommend an API Author and Their Books

Ocean Vuong, a Vietnamese poet I’ve been reading since 2015.

9. Tag an API Youtuber

10. A Picture of Your Cultural Traditional Clothing

It's me and my mom in ao dais, the traditional Vietnamese dress for women.
It’s me and my mom in ao dais, the traditional Vietnamese dress for women.

11. Favorite API Fruit

Jackfruit! It’s so sweet that it makes my finger sticky. Plus, it’s so big that I end up sharing even if I don’t think I want to.

12. Draw Your Country’s Flag

I’m skipping this one because I can’t really draw for the life of me.

13. One Thing You Love About The API Community

I love that we so easily recognize each other, and how being a part of this community can really bond us.

14. Favorite Dessert

I would say silken tofu if it didn’t react in my stomach like a laxative. Instead, my answer is going to be che, which has a very wide assortment.

15. A Superstition From Your Culture

I’m terrified of spiders, but every time I go running to my Grandma, she says that it’s a sign I’m going to have a long life.

16. Favorite API Film

Always Be My Maybe by Ali Wong

17. One Thing You Wish You Could Change About The Community

I think, even the ones raised in my generation, can be pretty judgemental.

18. Share an API Charity that You Care About

The Center for Asian Pacific American Women

19. Favorite Cultural Holiday

Tet, which is the Lunar New Year. It’s my favorite because it’s the time of year when my parents even try and include themselves in the festivities.

20. Favorite Song From Your Cultural Background

Does this count? I especially love it because John Oliver talks about it, which is bonus points.

21. Favorite API Cartoon Character

22. First Person/Character Who Represented You in Media

Ali Wong and Lana Condor!! I’m obsessed.

23. Tag an API You Look Up To

How can I not say Ali Wong here? She reminded me why I should be proud of my heritage.

24. First Activity To Do When Visiting the Motherland

I don’t know because I haven’t been yet, but whenever I do go, I hope that I go with my grandma.

25. Your Favorite Word/Phrase From Your Family’s Language

“Ôi Chúa ơi!” Which can be translated into many different phrases depending on context. It’s very versatile.

26. A Word/Phrase You Learned From a Friend’s Language

In Japanese, “Kawaii,” is cute and adorable, and I think that’s cute and adorable.

27. Favorite API Show

Constance Wu is kind of cancelled in my book, but I have been watching Fresh Off the Boat.

28. One Thing You Wish You Could Tell Your Parents

I wish I could convince my parents that its okay for my future husband to not be Vietnamese, or any sort of Asian. My current boyfriend isn’t, and I feel like I’m letting them down somehow.

29. Favorite API Actor/Actress

Have I mentioned how much I love Lana Condor?

30. Why Are You Proud To Be API?

Well, I’m not totally sure how not to be proud of it. At the end of the day, we’re a community. We’re all connected in some way, but we’ve all also had to face adversity because of our heritage. We’re still here, we’re still accomplishing amazing things. How can I not be proud of that?

When it comes to your heritage, what are you most proud of? What has been your experience been with Asian culture? Have you had to deal with adversity as a result of your heritage? Tell me in the comments below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My