3 Things I’m Leaving Behind This Year

Day 14, which means that, in addition to finishing this blog challenge, I’m starting a new year in my life. While I won’t be able to really go out and celebrate, I can still use this time to set my intentions and think about what I want and what I don’t in this coming year in my life. For today’s blog, I wanted to share the things that I don’t want to bring with me in this coming year of my life.

1. Fear of My Dreams

I love my dreams. They’re a fabulous place to be, especially in the face of everything going on right now. But I think I’ve also always been afraid of my dreams falling through the cracks. Being in quarantine and thinking of what I could be doing has kind of made me realize that I would greatly regret it if I didn’t get to live my dreams. Now, watch out 23, because I’m going to be working towards my dreams like nothing else.

2. Paralyzing Doubt In Myself

This one is something that is going to take some time, and it is something that I’ve been getting better at. I used to be so afraid of pursuing my passions that it made me try to avoid them altogether. Now, I’m slowly pushing towards them. Doing this blog challenge is one of them, and while I know that promoting my stuff will help me in the long run, I’m not there yet. We’re making slow progress, which is better than no progress at all.

3. Saying No to Going Out

You know, before COVID-19 forced us to stay in our homes for our own safety, anytime someone would pitch me a late night out, I have to admit that it wasn’t my favorite thing in the world. Now that we’re stuck at home with no other option, I’m thinking on all the times that I probably missed by choosing to be home or duck out early. Once this is over, I am going to try to say yes to the opportunities I have to go out. I’ll try for once every other month, or maybe once a month. The latter sounds ambitious, but might hold up if we’re in quarantine for too long.

Me, at Her Conference last year, looking for insight into the place that I want to be one day. We're going to implement that all now.
Me, at Her Conference last year, looking for insight into the place that I want to be one day. We’re going to implement that all now.

What do you want to get rid of from your life? Have you had any epiphanies in quarantine? How are you going about pursuing your dreams?

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