2020 Vision(board)

Everyone is making jokes about having 2020 vision for the new year, and I couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. Happy New Year everyone! Yes, I’m aware that it’s no longer January first. Being Vietnamese though, I’m actually celebrating Lunar New Year today, so I am also going to work on my vision board today. The benefit of that is that I get to see what everyone else has done, so I have some idea of what I want for my perfect 2020 Vision Board.

This year is the year of the rat, which symbolically means that it is the time for new beginnings. I think that’s very fitting, since 2020 is the start of a new decade. With the start of a new decade, this is the perfect time to reflect on and determine what I want to manifest for the year, and what comes after that. Here is what my ideal 2020 vision(board) looks like.


The most exciting thing about 2020 is that I will be a graduated college student by the time this year is over, so that means that I will officially be in the applicant pool looking for a place to start making my dreams come true.

For this category, I am including Zoey Deutch on my vision board. She starred in the Netflix romantic comedy Set It Up, in a roll where she grovelled as an assistant to someone who had their dream job. By the end of the movie, she experiences growth and gets a shot at publishing an article she wrote. Moreover, Deutch has being working the Hollywood rounds for the past ten years, and she continues to work hard at her career. While she isn’t a breakout star, she’s happy that she continues to book gigs, and that is what I want for my career.


I ended 2019 with a visit to the doctor’s office, my annual one. While I got back a bill of good health, there are always areas that I need to improve on. The things I want to improve health-wise are that I want to drink milk on a regular basis and I want to invest in time to exercise four times a week. The milk comes from that fact that I am a bit deficient in vitamin D. The exercise comes from the fact that I have been experiencing hip pain recently, and my doctor says that I need to stretch my leg out more.

On my vision board for this area of life is a girl jumping in the air. I chose this one because she looks healthy and happy, and I want to glow the same way that she does once I achieve my goal.


There are a lot of things that I can say for this category, but I think the thing that I want to focus on this year is being more aware when it comes to politics. I understand the main issues that go on, but since it is an election year, I would like to know about all the topics that are discussed during a debate. The educated voter is the best one to have, unless you’re a shady politician.

For this aspect, I am including a photo of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I chose it because both of them will not be running this term. In addition, I felt that there was less political unrest when Obama was president. Maybe I’m imagining things, but things are a bit more stressful now.


As an adult, I’ve found that making friends isn’t as easy as it used to be. While I want to branch out this year, I also want to solidify the strong friendships that I already have. There’s only so much time in the world. Ideally, I would like to spend more time surrounded by wonderful people than alone.

For this reason, I thought that the best icon to use for this area of my life is Priyanka Chopra. From Miss Universe to starring actress on Quantico, Chopra manages to do it all. Then after doing it all, she has the time to be friends with Megan Markle and marry Nick Jonas. I feel like saying that she’s goals would be an understatement.


With the help of 2019 and a good friend, I have been lucky enough to have fallen in love last year. I’m bringing that love with me into 2020, and I hope that it continues to grow.

In this category, I found boys posing with dogs in a magazine and giving out their opinions and advice on dating. I’ve picked what I believe to be an adorable dog posing with a boy who is giving advice that I can stand by. In short, the advice is that he would treat a girl how he would want his twin sister treated. I gotta say that I do love a family man.


This is something I feel like I say time and time again, and I will continue to say it until it happens, but I’m ready to have my own space. Hopefully, it happens this year, because what I have found in the past is that something always comes up, and then I give myself an out.

Not this year. I am ready to have a space I can call my own. For this part of the vision board, I am including a page from an article on designing a bedroom. It’s in a similar color scheme to what I would want for my own room, and it’s an image of a bookshelf, which is something that would probably be in my room. Plus, it ties into my new year’s resolution to read fifty books this year, so that’s a bonus.

What does your vision board look like this year? Do you celebrate the Lunar New Year as well, and if so, what do you do? If you could manifest anything into your life, what would it be, and why?

As always, thank you so much for reading. I’m looking forward to seeing what this year will bring in terms of ideas, and if you want to be updated as well, feel free to subscribe to my blog. And if you liked this, I would appreciate it if you liked and shared this with your friends.

Happy New Year, and Love Always,

Kristi My