6 Summer Obsessions

School is out, allowing for me to feel like a free agent for the first time in a long time. After taking class after class, semester after semester, this summer is going to be used to combat burnout as I mentally make this the summer of me.

The best thing about finally having blocks of free time not dedicated to school is that I finally get the opportunity to enjoy a few of the things that I normally wouldn’t give time to. These are some of my favorite things that I wish I had time for everyday.

1. Sunrises

There is no better way to start the day than going to the beach and watching the sunrise over the water. This is one of my favorite things about living in Florida. It’s not something I can do on a normal basis, either because I have to catch up on sleep from a late night or I have kids that need to be at school early. Now that I have a little more leeway in my schedule, I have no problem getting up with the sun.

2. Frozen Treats

Okay, so I would probably be enjoying ice cream no matter what time of year it is, but there are other things that I can only enjoy in the summer.

An example of this would be the Caramel Crunch Frappaccino, a specialty drink that Starbucks only seems to make every other summer. Granted, I’m trying to detox and reduce my coffee intake since I’m not in school, but I’ll make an exception for this (especially since Dunkin’ Donuts has skipped out on their cookie dough coffee this year). Plus, frappuccinos taste like ice cream anyway, right?

The best thing about frozen treats is that they’re a tasty way to keep cool during these hot summer days.

3. Exercise Endorphins

The hardest part about exercising on a regular basis has been getting to the gym that very first time. The intention of going exists,abut I can always come up with an excuse that would be better. I could do homework, I could make myself breakfast before work, I could take my dog on an extra long walk, the list goes on and on.

However, once I actually get my butt to the gym, it gets easier from there. Once I start, my brain is releasing endorphins that make me feel good, and it’s very easy to become addicted to that energy. Now that I have the time, and a shorter list of excuses, I have been at the gym on a more regular basis. This is something I hope to be able to carry beyond this summer.

4. Endless Entertainment

Summertime is filled with epic blockbusters being released, songs to stream at the beach, and lots of time to catch up on television shows that I’ve fallen behind on. My sisters and I went to see Aladdin opening weekend, and it was phenomenal. Toy Story 4 was also pretty good, just be prepared for creepy dolls. I’ve also listened to Julia Michael’s new EP on repeat, along with Zara Larson’s “Don’t Worry About Me.” There’s also no way to forget the treasures that Netflix and Hulu provide–Ali Wong executive produced and starred in Always Be My Maybe, and I’m catching up on all the Arrowverse shows. I’ve also started Friends, which has been a nice sitcom . For awhile, everyone was obsessed when You, but I kind of became uninterested in the show after Peach died (more on the obsessive phenomena here).

5. Quality Time with Quality People

This one speaks for itself. As nice as study dates are, there are other things I would love to do with my friends and family. When I went to New York, I brought my little sister with me, and just exploring the city of New York, just the two of us, is an experience that I wouldn’t have experienced if I had taken classes. Moreover, I’ve been able to do wine nights with friends, and get dinner with people I wouldn’t normally see. I’m still waiting to go to Disney at some point,butt it’s been nice to spend time with all these people.

6. Sleep

Snooze… I know, everyone probably says this. The thing is that as a college student, I’m not getting a lot of sleep. And the trick here is that I think I’m getting more sleep, but I’ve also packed my schedule and with these things that I love. So am I really sleeping?

How are you spending your summer? Is there anything that you recommend I do with my time? Do you have any favorite summer entertainment you think I should check out?