Reflection Wednesday: Summer 2017


Everyone is currently obsessed with the idea of getting a free red bathing suit, so I thought I would do the courtesy of a black dress to start off with. Not the worst idea I could’ve had, and I think its a cute picture.

The spring semester is now over, and do I feel great about that. It was getting rough towards the end, and I always feel like April is extra rough. But now, I have a chance to breathe and reset myself a little bit before summer.

This summer, for me, is going to be a busy one, but different from last summer because I will not be juggling two jobs and summer classes. No, my schedule this summer will be a bit more relaxing (kind of). This is what I have planned..


I still have to work, but that’s part of being an adult. Plus, all of the things I do this summer will rely on me having money to do it. The plus side of this is that I actually enjoy what I do, so work is not the worst thing I have to do.


Yes, despite knowing that I need a breather, I am taking summer classes. But the summer is a little bit more fun to me, because that’s when I take the writing classes that I need. That’s why I put these classes off until the summer, and take the classes I need throughout the year.

Granted, I am taking biology this summer, but I need to get it out of the way at some point. That’s not so bad, either, since I know I’ll be suffering through it with a friend at 8 AM. It’ll be fine though.

Other than biology, my other classes will be online, so I get the opportunity to be fairly flexible. This is a pro, because…


I have travel plans, which is great, because that’s all I want to do with life right now (but I have to deal with school). But I’m setting up travel plans, and I’ll be heading to Detroit and probably somewhere else. I don’t know where yet, but I’m sure I’ll write about it and share here and on social media.

All in All…

Summer is always so hot, but it’s always a welcome time just because I get a mental break. There’s time to do the things that I have to, and then there’s also time to do the things that I would rather do. All in all, it’ll be a typical college girl’s summer. I can’t wait to share this summer with you, in hopes that you’ll share your stories with me too.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥