The Bullet Journal Verdict


If you all don’t remember, or perhaps you haven’t read it, I started a bullet journal back in January because a friend convinced me that it would be a cool idea. (If you want to read my approach to a bullet journal, read HERE) Funny thing is, the idea seems to be a new trend, because I’ve been seeing a lot of them as I visit stores like Michaels and Walmart.

Now, after two months, I am going to share my opinion on this whole bullet journal process.


First and foremost, I just want to accomplish the fact that different things work for different people. That means that no matter what I say, know yourself well enough to make a judgement to whether or not this would be something for you.


Points To Focus On

  • Customizable
    • The best part about this system is that you create it yourself from dots and lines. So if you don’t need something, you don’t have to include it. Or, if you feel that something exists in a way but could be improved, you could improve it on your own. You really tailor your bullet journal to your needs. For example, I realized that I really don’t need a daily positivity, because I know more about what I’m worth than I originally realized.
  • Probably Not For Perfectionists…
    • If you’re a perfectionist, this may not be for you. The reason is because it’s an analog system meant to make your life easier, but if you’re spending time trying cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s, you’re wasting a lot of time. Especially since this is paper based, and your pages won’t always end up going in the right order. That gets a little frustrating.
  • Dedication Might Be An Important Factor
    • You may not be motivated to look at certain aspects of your bullet journal, which may defeat some of the purposes of the journal itself. For example, a visual calendar was great at motivating me to do something like work out because I was always looking at how often I did it. However, I neglected to look at the writing calendar that I created, which is why I started to slowly forget to write when I wasn’t doing homework.
  • Visualizing Things Might Be More Helpful
    • Like I mentioned before, the calendar was definitely more helpful in motivation. I was more motivated to work out at least three times a week, because by marking the days down I could actually see how often I went and I would remember to go as a result.
  • Everything Is In One Place
    • This bullet journal is can literally be everything you need in one place. Not only do I have something to remind me of my motivations and what I had for breakfast, but I also jot down ideas that I would have and forget about and things that I have to remember to do. I got into the habit of having a to-do list as I went into February, which was nice because instead of having it be in different days of my daily log, all I needed to do was in one place. This also helped to motivate me, because there’s always some relief to crossing something off the list.
  • Paper Based
    • It’s a journal, it’s meant to be written. I’ve always loved writing with pen and paper, but not everyone does.
  • Time Consuming
    • You have to create the layouts yourself. You have to remember to write in it. If you think that it’s worth doing, it’s probably going to take some time.
  • Mindful
    • This is something that you have to want and actively work to do. There were days that I would forget to log things down, but then I would get back to it. Every time that you hand-write something, you think about it a little more. A bullet journal can be simple, but it still requires thought and effort.

If you are considering starting a bullet journal, I hope that this post helped you more with your decision.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥