My Sorority Recruitment Survival Pack

When I was in undergrad, I would normally be preparing for sorority recruitment at this point in time. While recruitment isn’t something I miss (those were some long days, with some early mornings and some longer nights), I am grateful for the sorority experience that I had. Before I got to college, I never thought that Greek life was something that I would fit into. Despite that, it ended up being great in building my character and expanding my network. Based on my experience, I would definitely say that everyone should give it a try to see if it is something that would fit into their college experience.

Since I’m handing out that advice, I figured I might as well share some necessities that got me through the recruitment process in one piece. Whether you’re already in a sorority or looking to give the process a try, keep reading to find out what you need to keep in your backpack.

Water Bottle

Hydration is so important! I personally am so cranky when I am hot, so for me, hydration is essential in staying cool. August in Florida is so hot that you have to have water if you don’t plan on having a heat stroke. So don’t forget your water bottle, and maybe don’t forget ice if you like yours really cold!

Quick Snacks

Wow, this blog post might expose me as a cranky monster, because I also become cranky when I am hungry. I don’t know how it’s formatted at other schools, but between running from house to house in the sun to talking to so many people, I always looked forward to the snack I would have in between parties. For me, I kept granola bars and fruit snacks on hand because I can eat them quickly and they aren’t too messy.


I can’t think of a time during the process when I needed a band-aid because I was bleeding. I more so included them here in the scenario that you end up trying to break in a new pair of heels during the recruitment process. Instead of getting blisters, I would cover up the spot where the shoes are painfully rubbing against me. I also recommend elevating your feet and not removing your shoes until the end of the day if possible.

Breath Mints and/or Cough Drops

A feeling that I hate (the amount of negativity in this blog right now is not okay) is the feeling when I know my breath smells bad because I had dry mouth. And it was amplified, because I knew I was going to talk to a new girl who didn’t know me at all and that would be her first impression of me. That’s where having a breath mint really came in handy.

And of course, cough drops can help with breath as well, but where it really helps is in the sore throat department. I got these often during recruitment week, because sometimes it’s hard for me to be heard in a large group of people. So when I wasn’t chanting or singing, I had to yell to be heard in the large sea of girls. That’s why I’m saying it’s an either or situation; if you’re naturally loud, you may not need a cough drop.

Portable Charger

It seems that some people these days become a bit cripled when they can’t use their phones. That is the reason that I suggest having a portable battery for almost any occasion. Plus, I loved ordering delivery for those late late nights. Aside from actual sleep, there was nothing more satisfying than ordering a burger, milkshake, and fries from Five Guys to be delivered while I took a powernap.

Mini Make-Up Kit

Do not go crazy and bring the stuff you need for an everyday makeup look. I highly suggest doing everything at home and touching up throughout the day. In my experience, I ended up sweating a good amount of it off anyways, so I really think that a natural, everyday look is the way to go here. In my mini make-up kit for recruitment, these are my bare essentials for touchups: chapstick, a powder for touch-ups, bobby pins and mini-hairspray for flyaways, and oil blotting sheets because it got so hot. If you don’t want to invest in oil blotting sheets, coffee filters work just as well in absorbing oils.

Pen and Notebook

You might not need this if you take notes on your phone, but it’s good to have if your phone dies and you forgot to charge the aforementioned portable battery. That, and if you get stuck at a house due to weather and have nothing to do, drawing and tic-tac-toe are also great ways to pass the time.

An Open Mind and a Smile

At the end of the day, I think both sides are trying to impress each other. If your process is anything like the one I had, it is a mutual selection process. People truly end up where they’re supposed to, and the process works the way it does for a reason. One person shouldn’t define the whole group, and I think everyone has an off day. So smile, because I think that’s a great first step forward.

Would you go through the sorority recruitment process? What is a characteristic that you value in a friend? Is there something that you can’t leave home without? I would love to know in the comments down below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My