The Weekend Where I Still Have Some Hula Hoop Skills

It’s one of those rare weekends where I worked, but I didn’t work on Sunday. With how my schedule worked out, I was lucky to be able to spend some time with some girl friends and my boyfriend. Keep reading to learn about my themed weekend that had me wanting to watch Scooby-Doo all weekend long.

A Fun Friday Grooving the Night Away

Since I was already home with the family, I didn’t have to wake up extra early to go to work. Instead, I woke up early so I could take my freshly groomed dog on a walk. Sadly, it wasn’t early enough; the heat still felt scorching, and the sad part is that the heat hasn’t even peaked here in Florida. Luckily, I had no real plans to be outside, since I was working a good amount of the day away.

I left work early because I needed to pick up some groceries and some sticky boobs for the outfit I was planning on wearing. My friend Ashlee had invited me out to an event that was 70s themed. While some people might think that themed parties are lame, I love them, because then I get to dress up. That’s something I really miss about sorority life, the themed parties and the chances I had to wear a fun outfit.

While I didn’t think I was familiar with the 70s, I realized I knew more than I thought, and I learned a bunch too. Like I was familiar with Star Wars and music like “Signed, Sealed, Delivered,” and then I learned some phrases like, “Can you dig it?” and how to hustle. Not work hustle, the 70s dance hustle. It was a fun girl’s night, complete with good food and games. I even learned that I still have some of my hula hoop skills from fifth grade. The reason I say that is because in fifth grade, I won a hula hooping contest, and this time I lasted a lot longer than I thought I would. I struggled at first because it had been years, but after a bit of adjusting, I ended up finishing fifth.

Saturday is for the Boyfriend

At least, this one was. Like the day before, I woke up early to walk my dog and head to work, where I had planned to have another half day. That’s because my boyfriend was returning home from a work trip, and I was picking him up from the airport.

After working, dealing with traffic, and handling the crowded state of the airport, there was no way I was going to cook a meal. So we ordered delivery, and that is where I made a mistake. My boyfriend wanted Korean food, and I ordered a bibimbap. If you’re familiar with the dish, you know the mistake was that I ordered it as takeout. The thing that makes a bibimbap a unique rice dish is that it is plated in a hot stone bowl, which is so hot that it is sizzling when it arrives. Not only does it keep the food warm, but if you give it enough time, the rice gets crispy on the bottom. The crispy rice is my favorite part, and I couldn’t get that experience in a to-go container.

After eating, we did some general housekeeping before taking a nap. At least, it was a nap for him. When we woke up, he was wide awake and hopped on his computer to play video games with his friends. I went to shower, but still felt tired afterwards, so I tried to go to bed. It didn’t work out, so I played Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed and Spy Kids in the background before I was finally able to fall asleep for the rest of the night. Scooby-Doo was on my mind as a result of 70s night, because I felt like that was my point of reference, so I had to watch it.

A Simple Sunday

You might think that I slept in because I wasn’t working, but I actually woke up with my boyfriend. He was the one working, so I got up to work on a home project. We had these plans to hang up photos in the living room, and it seemed like a mess because CVS was messing up on the printing of the photos.

So after waiting for nearly an hour on a missing poster-sized photo and requesting a reprint of one of the photos that had been messed up, I went back to the apartment to hang the photos how we planned. There might have been a little challenge because I’m short, but it eventually worked out because I persevered. After getting everything together, I thought I would treat myself to brunch at one of my favorite brunch places, but when I went and saw there was a wait, I detoured to the grocery store.

After, I returned to the apartment to unwind for the rest of the day. I continued going through my personal checklist of things to do, and I did some research on Korean recipes. After being disappointed by the bibimbap, I want to attempt to make some dishes to make up for it. That might be my project for the week, to try them all out.

So this is what I actually wanted, and if you could portal into the photo, you would be able to hear the sizzling of the stone pot and the occasional popping sound of crispy rice. Alas, it was not meant to be for me this weekend.
So this is what I actually wanted, and if you could portal into the photo, you would be able to hear the sizzling of the stone pot and the occasional popping sound of crispy rice. Alas, it was not meant to be for me this weekend.

What decade in history do you find the most fascinating? How do you like to unwind? If you have any favorite Korean recipes, would you please share with me in the comments below? Actually, I would love to hear all of your answers in the comments below!

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