3 Favorite Fall Things

One of the many things that I complain about when it comes to living in Florida is that we don’t really get a fall here. The leaves don’t change and paint the world into pretty colors here, they either stay green, or die and then fall onto the green grass. The weather doesn’t cool all that much, so the idea of drinking a hot apple cider in the humid Florida heat is a little crazy.

With the start of fall happening right around the corner, I thought I would share my favorite things that I miss about real, not-Florida fall. Keep reading to learn more.

Fall Fashion

I’m not fashionable or stylish, and sometimes I wish I was. But the thing that I love about fall is that I love the acceptable fashion. I’ve said it a lot, and I’ll say it again, but I love wearing a boot. Whether it’s a combat boot or an ankle bootie, I feel like they have the ability to change the vibe of an outfit. They are a little weird to wear to the beat though, and I feel like wearing a boot with shorts gives off a weird energy.

While I don’t love a turtleneck, I do love to accessorize with a scarf, and I feel like I can’t do that without sweat forming on the back of my neck, and then my hair is sticking, and then I don’t feel as cute as I would if it were a little chillier out. Even when I went to France, I was trying to be stylish by wearing a scarf.

Cozy Candles

It’s very basic, but I love candles, and I feel like the ones that come out in the fall are the best ones. The spice factor somehow feels comforting, and there’s plenty of sweetness in the candles that come out this season. I feel like nine out of ten candles that I pick up during this time end up being bought because they all smell like what I would want my home to feel like.

Something I have learned while writing this blog is that Chesapeake Bay Candles are affiliated with Yankee Candles, and I don’t completely understand how, but they are. And I was going to say that they are my go-to candle company when I’m browsing Home Goods. But if I’m shopping from White Barn/Bath and Body Works, my staple for the season is the Marshmallow Fireside. I’ve loved this scent since high school, and it comforts me to this day.

The Start of the Holiday Season

Growing up, I didn’t know how to answer the question, “What is your favorite season?” I remember my second grade teacher getting very frustrated with me for not being able to properly answer the question while she was trying to teach us about surveys.

Now, my answer is the holiday season. For me, that starts the day after Labor Day, which is right before fall officially starts, and ends three days after the new year. It covers the weather as we cool down, and all the holidays. I was never sure if Thanksgiving was a part of fall or winter, but now it doesn’t matter. It’s a part of my favorite season all the .

What is your favorite season? Are you looking forward to anything this season? Is there a question that you could never really answer, but now you can? Tell me in the comments below!

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