4 Green Flags Found In My Boyfriend

So yesterday was National Boyfriend Day, and I’m so grateful to have the wonderful boyfriend that I do. I’m willing to talk about him all day long, and I can do it with a smile on my face. Today’s blog post is inspired by this week’s The LadyGang: Quickie, where Keltie, Jac, and Becca all talk about the green flags in their relationships. It’s definitely more positive than red flags, so I thought I would do my own take on the matter.

Keep reading to find out the things my boyfriend did to make me feel secure enough to fall for him hard.

1. He’s loud and proud about me.

You definitely don’t want the guy that is going to keep you in a box, hidden away in the closet. But even before we really ever hung out, I was under the impression that he was into me.

That is because he made his interest known to everyone around me. He was going around my circle of friends being like, “So, what’s she like?” That means that as soon as we went out to dinner and I thought we were just friends, my actual friends were asking me, “What do you think?”

That continued well into our relationship. He was the one to post about me on social media first, he was the one to introduce me to family first, and he isn’t shy about bragging about me when it counts. You want the person who isn’t afraid to show you off to the world.

2. He is willing to put in the effort (most of the time).

As you can probably tell, this man has put in the effort to get my attention. He also continues to put in the effort to keep it. We’ve made a tradition of alternately planning surprise dates. He will apologize for small things, like if he feels like he isn’t paying enough attention to me. He also hardly ever says no to me, even if it means enduring a corny romantic comedy that he has no interest in watching at all.

Notice that I used the words “hardly ever” and “most of the time”. That is because it is still okay for him to say no. He has said no to making a playlist for our relationship because he has a unique taste in music that would not apply to our relationship. And he said no to a couple’s exercise that I wanted to try, because he thought it was corny and if I’m being honest, we probably didn’t need it.

The point is that I can name two times that he has said no to me, and they were not a big deal. He will always put in the effort to do the things that I ask, and even when he doesn’t or can’t, I don’t get mad. I appreciate the effort, and it goes both ways.

3. He has a good relationship with his family.

A lot of people will say this, and that’s probably because it’s true. His parents got a divorce, and he grew up surrounded by women. His mom, his sister, and his grandma. I think the result is that he has always been mindful when it comes to things that I need or how I might feel.

He also understands how much my family means to me, and has then made the effort to get along with them. He and my baby sister actually adore each other. He is always saying how he would adopt her if he could. Meanwhile, she is always asking about him, and saying that she hopes to find someone like him one day.

4. He has so much respect for me.

This is probably an obvious given, but I have to say it because I think the level of respect he’s given me goes beyond what I ever expected.

Before we were ever intimate, he took initiative and went to get an STD test. Take note that I didn’t even ask him, he just did it and then told me after the fact. Then when it came to methods of birth control, we were talking over the side effects, and he said, “I don’t want you to take this if it makes you uncomfortable.”

And I believe that’s what anyone wants from a partner. I wanted someone who would value who I am, who would take me into consideration, and would respect my boundaries.

What are your green flags? Do you have any deal breakers? Is anyone dating during this pandemic? Be sure to tell me in the comments below!

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