18 of My Favorite LadyGang Episodes

Today is Tuesday, which is a good day of the week for me because that means that there’s a new episode of The LadyGang podcast for me to listen to. Moreover, the New York Times Bestseller list came out this weekend, and Act Like a Lady by Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek ended up number 4 in the Advice, How To, and Miscellaneous category.

I am so excited for these women, because I admire them all so much. Their podcast has done so much to inspire me and to make me feel like it’s okay to be unapologetically myself. But more than that, I’ve laughed and related so hard to all of these women. Not to mention that I also list Keltie as a role model in my “Friday Favorites: Role Models” blog post.

The result is that I want nothing but the best for these women, including for them to have success with their book. I was originally going to release this post after attending their Zoom launch party, but it seems so much more suitable to share this now that Keltie has achieved her dreams of becoming a New York Times Bestseller.

After 5 years of podcasting, Keltie, Jac, and Becca have released countless hours of questionable advice, honest experiences, and endless laughs. For today’s post, I wanted to highlight my favorites in case you wanted to check them out. In no particular order, here are my 18 favorite LadyGang podcast episodes.

1. Jeannie Mai

Before being introduced to Jeannie Mai, I don’t think I’ve seen a Vietnamese person in Hollywood before. She’s now a host on The Real, and hosts her own podcast called Listen Hunnay. Her best work though is as a stylist doing makeovers. It’s hard for me to turn my eyes away.

2. Nico Tortorella

I mean, look at him. Not that you can on a podcast episode. While listening, I thought he was one of those guys who was aware of how attractive he was, but when I looked him up, I can definitely see the smoke show. Listening to him was also cool, because he’s actually really laid back. And then years passed, and I saw him on Younger, which made him way cooler to me.

3. Female Viagra with Cindy Eckert

“Wow,” was my initial reaction once I listened to this episode. Cindy Eckert is the type of woman that lives in my wildest dreams, because I have never met anyone who has accomplished what she has. In her career, she has built and sold two companies that has led to her making a significant amount of profit. Now she has a project called The Pink Ceiling, which invests in companies and products founded by women. Talk about paying it forward.

Cindy Eckert: "Swing towards those opportunities that stretch you, that you love, and the payoff will be so much greater in the end."
Cindy Eckert: “Swing towards those opportunities that stretch you, that you love, and the payoff will be so much greater in the end.”

4. RuPaul

Everyone and their moms has been telling me about RuPaul, and I kind of thought it was one of those things that people over-hyped. But then, listening to them on the podcast, they were just very personable, and it led me into falling through a RuPaul-shaped black hole.

5. Lucy Hale

I feel like I kind of grew up with Lucy Hale from seeing her on Drake and Josh, Pretty Little Liars, Life Sentence, and movies like Once Upon a Song. Now she’s in her 30’s, which is strange to think about, and she talks about this point in her career with The LadyGang.

6. Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad is my favorite modern woman. She worked hard to get her foot in the door, and now works as a co-host on On Air with Ryan Seacrest and she hosts another of my favorite podcasts, Scrubbing in with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad. Tanya doesn’t filter herself, and this episode is no different with The LadyGang.

Tanya Rad: "No more discounts."
Tanya Rad: “No more discounts.”

7. Becca Tilley

I’ve mentioned that Becca Tilley is one of my favorite bloggers, but this episode made me love her more. She has this discussion with The LadyGang about an epiphany that she had. This epiphany had to do with the fact that she was never inspired by anyone who was beautiful, she was inspired by people who has done things, and how that epiphany lead to other realizations. My summary doesn’t explain it all that well, so you should definitely give this episode a listen.

8. Brad Goreski

Fashion designer to the stars Brad Goreski has been my favorite follow in quarantine. This is because he and his husband have an interesting dynamic when it comes to food and Starbucks, which is something he opens up about in this episode. The LadyGang also loved him so much that they gave him his own podcast to host on their network called Brad Behavior.

9. Huda Kattan

So I’ve mentioned Huda Kattan on “My Favorite Blog Follows” and “What’s in My Makeup Bag?” posts, and while I had seen her things in the store, I didn’t truly give her a try until I heard her on this podcast. Huda Kattan is a beauty mogul who worked hard to get to where she’s at, and it shows with companies like Forbes naming her one of the 10 most powerful influencers in the world of beauty.

Huda Kattan: "I'm gonna use my gut completely to make a decision. No logic, no data, completely intuition. I think the more you're in touch with it, the more powerful it is."
Huda Kattan: “I’m gonna use my gut completely to make a decision. No logic, no data, completely intuition. I think the more you’re in touch with it, the more powerful it is.”

10. Wells Adams

Wells Adams no longer an available contestant on The Bachelorette, but has actually had the glow up to be engaged to the amazing Sarah Hyland. As a radio host himself, he carries himself well on the episode. He opens up about his career trajectory and his relationship in this episode, and offers an interesting perspective when it comes to giving out questionable advice to the ladies.

11. Kristin Chenoweth

My sister Jasmine is the reason that I love Broadway, and Kristin Chenoweth is no exception to that. She has won a Tony and an Emmy, and she originated the role of Glinda in Wicked. Not to mention that my sorority loves to brag that she is a fellow sister of ours.

Kristin Chenoweth: "To the girls out there who feel weird about their size, who cares, it's what made me different."
Kristin Chenoweth: “To the girls out there who feel weird about their size, who cares, it’s what made me different.”

12. Julia Michaels

Julia Michaels is the girl that can write a song and make me feel the weight of every word in my shoulders. After writing songs for herself and Selena Gomez, she has come to The LadyGang to talk about her career, boys, and the cool people she’s worked with.

13. Teddi Mellencamp

I’m not a Housewives fan, but I am definitely a fan of Teddi Mellencamp. While she had a leg up in the industry because of her name and her background, she has the career she does because of determination and hard work. As an accountability coach, she’s going to always call you out.

Teddi Mellencamp: "If you don't practice, if you don't work hard for it, you're not gonna win."
Teddi Mellencamp: “If you don’t practice, if you don’t work hard for it, you’re not gonna win.”

14. JoAnna Garcia Swisher

Every time I see her face, I think of Ariel from Once Upon a Time. While this episode is older, I also know her as Maddie Townsend on the Netflix show Sweet Magnolias, which is based on one of my favorite book series. The role is perfect for her, because on the episode of The LadyGang, she opens up about what its like to have her career while raising her children.

15. Jenna Fischer

I’m not one of those people who have gotten through The Office, but this was a cool episode to listen to. It was especially interesting when she talks about moving up the ranks. Fischer went from supporting actress to being a producer on the final season of the show.

Jenna Fischer: "The hustle never ends."
Jenna Fischer: “The hustle never ends.”

16. Ryan Murphy

Gosh, this was a fun episode to listen to again after watching Netflix’s Hollywood. Becca Tobin knows Ryan from working on the set of Glee. In addition to that, Ryan has shows like The Politician, Scream Queens, and American Horror Story under his belt.

17. Nischelle Turner

In this episode, the girls are opening up about the mistakes they’ve made by not acknowledging racism in America. This episode is an important milestone for the LadyGang, and they have a very important, candid conversation with Nischelle Turner. Nischelle is a black person in the media industry, and Keltie noticed her because Nischelle was pushing for Entertainment Tonight to have people who can do hair for people of color. This might sound like small potato problems, but you have to give the episode a listen to understand all the complications that go with being a black person in Hollywood.

18. Sutton Foster

Since seeing her on Younger, I’ve been obsessed with her. Not only that, but I want to learn her skincare secrets. Moreover on her acting career, she’s a Broadway star who has won 2 Tony awards after being nominated for 6 of them. That’s better than my odds.

Sutton Foster: "Friendship is more important than any guy."
Sutton Foster: “Friendship is more important than any guy.”

Do you have any favorite podcasts that you listen to? Is there anything you’re reading right now that you’re particularly excited about? What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? Tell me in the comments below!

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