My Highlights of the Decade

2020 is in full swing, and with that comes the start of a new decade. There is so much to look forward to in the coming years, but before things really start, I want to highlight some amazing moments I’ve had in the past decade. Since there are ten years in a decade, I’m going to highlight ten moments in time here.

Things on this list are moments that I probably talk about often. They’re things that contribute to the person that I am becoming. The things on this list aren’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that’s because my strength and resolve was tested and shaped in these times. I do this because it’s important to realize that, at the end of it all, it is going to work out whether it’s good or bad in the moment.

A Sister of Mine Nearly Died

Talk about starting out with the bleak stuff. There was a day where my sister and I were playing, and then she kind of had a seizure. This led to her being carted off into an ambulance on her way to the hospital, where we learned she had a brain tumor. She needed to have an operation done, and I’m so lucky to say that she is alive and well today.

Now, this moment definitely wasn’t a highlight for me. It was a scary time, where the uncertainty of what would happen worried me a lot. The reason that I include it here is because I’m grateful that I have her in my life today, and it was honestly a turning point in our relationship. We’re sisters, and that will never change, but I was probably the stereotypical older sibling who might have teased her more than I should’ve.

Then this happened, and I got so scared thinking she would die without knowing how much I appreciated her. She knows me better than anyone else because she grew up with me, and I feel so lucky to have her. The reason this moment is on this list is because it was the moment that changed our relationship and she became my best friend.

My Baby Sister Was Born

Yeah, I became an older sister… for the third time. My parents always go on and on about how they want a boy, so they constantly tried. That’s what brought me my baby sister. We’re hoping that they’re not trying anymore, because I don’t think I would know how to babysit a boy at this point in my life.

She amazes me everyday. Obviously, we’re all different in our own ways, but she is another level. Maybe it’s because she’s the youngest child, or maybe its something else. There are days that I see her, and she’s so outgoing, and she loves school, and she surprises me with how clever she could be at times. But then I see the soft side of her, and I’m even more amazed and proud of her.

This is on my list because through my baby sister has taught me so much in the decade that she’s been alive. And honestly, I have to credit my sisters for being the reason that my roots are so deep in my family. The age gaps between us are enough that I don’t like to miss major moments in their lives. I’d love to be off doing the typical college things, but I would rather be there for her first day of elementary school, or her Christmas recital, or a volleyball game.

I Started High School

Compared to middle school, high school is a dream. I made the choice to go to a different school than a majority of the other kids in my middle school, and so it was nice for me to get the chance at a nearly fresh start.

At first, it was hard, but I focused on school a lot more, which was great for my GPA. Eventually, I found a group of friends and really settled into everything that high school is supposed to be. It’s a time that I reflect on very fondly now.

High school is put on this list because I would say that it was an important time for me as I became more myself. Within the confines of my parents and the rules of not being a legal adult yet, I realized the person that I wanted to be and what my strengths and weaknesses were. Through the self-actualization that I experienced, more of my personality came through, and I thank my high school self for the positive aspects of my personality today. I didn’t hide her away like I did in middle school.

Honors Night

In my hometown, the high school seniors have something called Honors Night. If you applied for any of the local scholarships in our town, you were required to show up in order to find out if you received any or not, as well as celebrate with your peers who do receive scholarships.

Now, this evening is hours on end, and I was told that the same names are repeated over and over again. That being said, I wasn’t expecting to hear my name much, mostly because I wasn’t the best at anything, and I didn’t have any athletic abilities either. In hindsight, I wish I had done more than I did, and that worried me.

It took me by surprise when I heard my name for the first scholarship. Then I got two more, which blew my mind. I remember this night more vividly than I remember the graduation itself. This would probably be a prime example that, even when you doubt yourself, someone else can see your value. Don’t ever forget or doubt that you are an asset to the world.

My Residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts

This is one of those things that has offered me strength when I think about quitting writing. Senior year of high school, I applied to this summer residency that would take place before I started college. It had been on my mind to apply the year before, but I had doubted that I would get in. Like Honors Night, I had no reason to doubt myself in the end.

If you’re ever in town, the Atlantic Center for the Arts has some beautiful galleries and some natural grounds. Being able to stay and write here is an ideal situation for writers. I was away from normal life so that I didn’t have to worry about everyday, there wasn’t much signal on my cell phone device so I wasn’t too distracted, and I was surrounded by people with similar interests and inspiration for miles.

I learned a lot from people who have some clout in the field, and I also learned a lot from the other writers in the program. It was also a good opportunity for me to meet other writers, and to this day I am told how important networking is. The experience was so unique and I appreciate it so much.

I Obtained an Internship

Speaking of networking… It took place the summer after my freshman year of college. I got this internship because I met someone who worked at this company, and I made such a strong impression on her that she slid me her business card and said, “I think you would be a great fit for our internship program.” This is a prime example of why you should always put your best foot forward when it comes to any situation, because you never know who is in the room.

Now, I know that every college kid obtains an internship throughout their career, so what makes mine so special? It’s a standout moment in my decade because I was never really aware of what I could do with my passion. With writing, I obviously never thought beyond being a writer or a teacher, but this opened my eyes to the opportunities that exist. With a skill like writing, I could be in marketing, or maybe even a lawyer.

Moreover, I learned what the real adult world was like, and I learned that people make mistakes even in business. I was the youngest intern in the place, and looking up to everyone, I realized that all we can do is our best, and it all eventually works out. The company I worked for was phenomenal, and I have been looking at more internship and career opportunities since then.

I Started College…Twice

No, I didn’t drop out of school, and yes, you’re reading it right. Initially, I got into what I thought was my dream school. The thing I forgot to factor in, though, was that my sisters were still young and were having experiences that I hated missing out on. In the end, I ended up transferring to a college that was closer to home.

Now I’m getting ready to graduate from this second college that I’m at. In my time here, two things stand out to me for different reasons. The first is that I joined a sorority, which is something I never thought I would do. It has provided me with plenty of networking opportunity, and the social aspect of my life that has kept me sane. I’ve met some great people through it, and I’m grateful for that.

The second thing is joining Her Campus, because this is the extracurricular that supports my love of writing. Not only that, but the women empowerment in this groups is amazing, and I’ve learned so much from these power women. There are so many marketing and business majors in this group that I have some basic skills in public relations and graphic design from being a member. These are what my college memories consist of.

I Fell in Crazy Love…

Everyone is bound to do it at least once, even if you’re a stable person. Now, let me say that I’ve gotten to the point where I am very comfortable with the person I am, which is why I thought that it was maybe time for me to start seriously dating. Plus, I was tired of showing up to events alone and feeling like I was third-wheeling with everyone else. So I hopped on dating apps.

Now, I have stories to tell about the boys that I met on dating apps, and I commend the people who stay on them. They do work, if you know how to use them properly. I know, because I definitely loved one of my matches. The problem was that while he’s a great guy who I wish nothing but the best for, he’s not my guy. We met at a time where we both wanted different things, which is okay cause I learned a lot.

I call this one my crazy love because that’s how I acted in order to be with him. I worked hard to impress him, and I did that thing where he became a point of happiness for me. Then when he tried to ghost me, it made me question my self-worth and made me want to prove that I was the one for him. That’s why I say this is my crazy love. In my mind was the illusion that we were soul mates, and I acted crazy to make that come true. That’s okay though, because it really prepared me for the next thing.

…And Then I Fell in Stable Love

If you’re lucky and smart, you’ll be able to experience this kind of love too. It’s the kind of love that you should feel when you’re in a healthy relationship, where both people respect each other and know how to properly communicate. I’m allowed to be completely myself, and he accepts who that is, even if it’s not cute all the time. (Honestly, I thought my snoring would be the problem, but it turns out I yawn really obnoxiously.)

Right now, as I think about the relationship, I kind of can’t believe I’m at this point. It took a while to get over my doubts, and now I’m astonished that I’m so in love. Our personalities are different in a way that they compliment each other, and we also take very good care of each other. There’s not much more that I could ask for.

It’s a refreshing, novel feeling, being in a healthy relationship like this one. There are high hopes in my heart that this is going to play out in the best way possible. For now, the best thing I can say about 2020 is that I’ve started this decade with so much love in my heart. This is especially true when I get to the final thing on this list.

I Got a Dog

I would say that this is the most important love that I experienced this decade. A dog’s love is truly unconditional, and I don’t think that I would be as happy as I am if I didn’t have Damian in my life.

Growing up, my parents never wanted to have a dog in the house, so I waited until I was in college. It’s funny now, because I definitely had to put in more work to convince my dad that I would be okay with this dog, but now my dad adores my dog more than my mom does.

There’s nothing like the feeling of coming home and seeing how excited Damian gets. He pokes his head in between the blinds in the window, and darts for the door when he sees me move toward it. Once I open the door a crack, he tries to use his little body to knock me over so he can have all my attention. This is the warmest welcome, and it’s the only thing that makes the thought of leaving him bearable.

What are your highlights from the last decade? Is there a moment of time you know you won’t forget? Would you do anything differently, and if so, what?

Thank you so much for continuing to read the blog. There’s so much content in the world, it is honestly humbling for me to have anyone reading. If you like what you’re seeing, feel free to like it and share it with your friends. Until next time.

Love Always,

Kristi My