How I’m Reflecting on the Decade

With a new year on the edge of the horizon, so does the start of a new decade. Every time a year comes to a close, I like to sit down and reflect on a year so I can properly set intentions for the coming year. Since it’s a new decade, there is a lot more for me to reflect on. Today, I thought I would share how I look back on the decade.


Cameras and social media make it so easy to look back at what once was. Photos make it so easy to go back, and while I cringe a little, it’s a great memory keeper. It puts faces to people I might not remember knowing, and places that I’ve visited.

Facebook is great at reminding me of my memories. Another thing that love to look at are the scrapbook pages I took the time to craft. Other places I keep photos are on USB ports and SD cards, so I’ll be looking at those too.

I’m kind of cute in 2010. But I’m also cringing a little bit at the lighting.


One of the things I love about Spotify as a music streaming service is that at they always personalize a top songs playlist each year. This year, they have “wrapped decade” playlists, which definitely take me back. I’ve gone through mine, and sometimes it takes me for an emotional trip. Other times I’m wondering who hurt me, or I’m reminded of a song I really loved.

Here are my top songs for the past five years, but I’m not sure how accute it is since Taylor Swift wasn’t on Spotify for a hot minute:

  • 2015: “I Want Crazy” by Hunter Hayes
  • 2016: “Work From Home” by Fifth Harmony featuring Ty Dolla $ign
  • 2017: “Nightmare on Elm Street” by Anth
  • 2018: “Tequilla” by Dan+Shay
  • 2019: “Satisfied” by RenĂ©e Elise Goldsberry


I have planners that go back to high school, but I wish I had the ones from middle school. Luckily, I’ve always had an inclination towards writing. With my tendency to want to keep everything, this gives me access to old things I’ve written and old thoughts that I had once upon a time.

Looking back at these things definitely gives me insight into my emotions through the decade. And trust me, there are a lot.

A Meal with People Who Make Your Decade

My favorite thing about having dinner with my sisters on a birthday is that we sit down and reflect on our life memories. Different people remember different things, and everyone experiences events differently.

Gathering around a table of food with wonderful people sets a good atmosphere. With the intention of reflecting on life, you never expect where the conversation will go. Hopefully, it’s a good time for everyone, full of love and laughter, especially if you already have a history of good memories.

How do you reflect on your life? Do you have a moment you’re particularly proud of? What do you hope to change in the new decade?

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Love Always,

Kristi My