What I’m Wearing This Winter

Florida may be one of those places that doesn’t get a real winter, but I love to dress up and pretend that we do when it gets a little chilly in town. As far as fashion goes, I feel like winter has the most possibilities. I believe this because the holidays are happening, which gives you plenty of options, and you get to layer up on all these options if you wanted to. For today, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things to complete a winter look.


Normally, I don’t like things that wrap around my neck. Scarves are so soft though, and there are so many different styles that you can wear it.

Personally, I prefer normal scarves to infinity scarves. The reason is because you can make it as tight or as you want, and I obviously prefer mine more loose.


Boots are definitely my favorite foot wear for most of my outfits, even in the summer to compliment a dress. I basically wear them year-round, it’s just more acceptable in the winter time.

This year, my favorite pair of boots is a pair of black combat boots that I bought from Walmart for less than $25. In high school, I had a pair that I wore until they didn’t exist anymore. I love that they go with a majority of my outfits, and they’re so comfortable. I don’t have any complaints about them.

Gold Accessories

I know that this is something that can be available year-round, but my preference for everyday wear is silver because it looks more clean with any outfit. Gold is what I like to reserve for the holiday season, because it feels more fitting and more festive.

This year, my favorite gold accessory is a set of hair clips that I bought from American Eagle. What makes them my favorite is that they’re simple in design, but they’re festive enough that they’ll still add a pop to my hair and outfit.

What are some of your favorite fashion trends this season? Is there a current fashion trend that makes you cringe? Or do you have something that you wish would come back in style?

I’m not a fashion expert, but I feel like I am in the winter time. Simple details have the ability to elevate an outfit, and I feel that I get plenty of compliments in the winter time. As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read, and please like, share, and subscribe if you haven’t already. Until next time.

Love always,

Kristi My