DIY Hangover Kit

The holiday season is upon us, and with that comes a season of holiday parties. In light of all the fun, no one enjoys waking up feeling the morning after with a hangover.

From my experience, I’ve learned to be prepared for the situation. By keeping this kit ready and on hand, having a hangover is a bit easier to handle. Hear is what I recommend that you keep on hand so the morning is a little bit easier.

One Box

This is to keep everything together so that you don’t have to go looking for it. When hangovers happen, I don’t feel like my best self, so it’s great to have everything together. The box stays on a shelf in my pantry, so I only have to find the one box. In one step, I have everything I need.

Asprin/Pain Reliever

Personally, I don’t get headaches very often. When a hangover hits, though, the headache feels like a sharp-shooting pain through my skull. That’s why you should make sure to keep some sort of aspirin or pain reliever on hand.

My preference is to have the Advil Liquid Gels, just because I feel like these work faster. And the sooner I don’t feel pain, the better that I feel.

Ginger Ale or Ginger Tea

Growing up, my dad used ginger as a natural remedy for many things, from coughs to headaches. While that led me to having an aversion to ginger, I have found that it really does help when my stomach is unsettled. That’s why I recommend keeping some ginger ale on hand, or ginger tea if you don’t enjoy carbonated drinks when you wake up.

When dealing with nausea or queasiness that sometimes accompanies a hangover, ginger ale or ginger tea really help me. Maybe its the placebo effect of having my dad telling me that it helps, but it has worked for me time and time again.

Coconut Water or Gatorade

The thing about alcohol is that it dehydrates the body, and that contributes to the disorientated feeling of a hangover. Therefore, it makes sense to have something to drink that is full of electrolytes to return your body to a state of normalcy.

For this, I prefer coconut water because it tastes better. I know there are other people who prefer Gatorade or some other sports drinks, so my consensus is that if there are electrolytes in it that will re-hydrate you, then that would be good to have for this spot.

Solid Snacks

For me, I love potato chips, but I know that the grease level on those might not bode well in the hungover stomach of others. However, the purpose of having this snack would be to have something that will soak up any unpleasent liquids still in your stomach.

Good alternatives to have on hand would be crackers, nuts, or bananas. Bananas always make me feel good when I eat them, but I don’t recommend putting them in the box because they turn brown so easily.

Optional, but Necessary: $20 for Food

This can be cash or a gift card to yourself, depending on the type of person you are. If I’m hungover, I can’t imagine having to endure the banging of pots and pans to cook myself a meal in the morning. Having the $20 gives me the leeway to purchase something delicious that my hungover stomach will hold down.

There are two ways that my stomach can go on the morning of a hangover. The first way to go is a nice, hearty bowl of pho, also known as Vietnamese rice noodles. It’s fresh and full of good nutrients, and a nice piping hot bowl will have me sweating out the hangover in no time. The other way that my stomach will go is a greasy burger. This is on the much richer, indulgent side, but something about that much meat settles my stomach.

Do you have any hangover remedies you would recommend? What do you like to eat on the morning after a wild night? Can you share with me the recipes of some of your favorite holiday cocktails?

Hangovers are never easy, but hopefully this DIY kit keeps you prepared for the roughest mornings after a holiday party. I know that it has certainly kept me alive to this day.

Love Always,

Kristi My