Friday Favorites: 6 of My Favorite Apps

Happy December everyone! I’ve really been feeling the holiday season, just because Florida has gotten a little bit chillier. But true to Florida fashion, that chill has come and gone quicker than apps cycle in and out.

For today, in honor of National Apps Day coming up on Wednesday, I wanted to share what my favorite apps to use are. Now, this will exclude the everyday social media favorites like Instagram and Twitter, or just media in general, like Spotify and YouTube. Those are staples, so the apps I list here will be different from my everyday apps.

1. Breathe2Relax

I feel like the first app I have to put down is this one. My personality is one of those where I’m constantly going, I always have something to do, and I honestly don’t know how to relax well. You can ask my boyfriend, my masseuse, and the people who know me best, and I think they will all attest to that.

The negative thing about that is that it isn’t the best thing for anyone’s health. Which is why this app is so helpful to me, especially during finals week. It was referred to me by a psychologist, who pointed out that I wasn’t breathing the right way. So now, at the end of the day, I use this app right before bed and fall right asleep. It makes me mindful of my breathing, and it can be adjusted if you need to.


There are times where I will feel like what I’m writing in a text doesn’t really capture the emotion of what I’m trying to do. The next best thing is to send a moving meme, and that’s what GIPHY provides for me, and the possibilities are endless.

3. Gardenscapes

Remember a couple of years ago when Candy Crush was very popular? This game is like that, except that in addition to beating levels by matching themed tiles, there is also a story line that contributes. So I’m more inclined to beat a level if it contributes to me building my dog a home, and such. I was addicted to this game for a little while.

Breathe2Relax, GIPHY, and Gardenscapes are the first three apps to make my list.
Breathe2Relax, GIPHY, and Gardenscapes are the first three apps to make my list.

4. Pokemon Go

Everyone has their opinion on this app. Pokemon is a childhood love of mine. While it took me a while to get into, what eventually drew me in is that I get rewarded for going places. After traveling a certain amount of distance, you can hatch a Pokemon egg, which is cool. I’m also one of those people who don’t own a FitBit, or an Apple Watch, so I don’t have anything counting my steps. This is more fun to me though.

5. Heads Up!

The game night version of this game is Head Bands. You might have heard of this app, because its the one developed by Ellen DeGeneres. This app is my favorite to use when I’m at the theme parks waiting in lines with friends. Especially since it now records video and audio while you play, it’s fun to watch back or listen to it. With this game, I think some fun personality comes out. Even some true colors, since waiting in theme park lines is no fun.

6. TED

When someone asks me for a fun fact about myself, my answer is that I don’t have any fun facts about myself, but I love fun facts. A lot of my fun facts come from watching TED videos. I don’t know who doesn’t love a good TED Talk every now and then, and this video gives me easy access. At the same time, I get motivation, and I learn about something new all the time. That’s why I love this app.

Pokemon Go, Heads Up!, and TED all compose of this portion of my list.
Pokemon Go, Heads Up!, and TED all compose of this portion of my list.

What are some of your favorite apps? Do you have any photo editing apps that you love (because I feel like I could use some)? How do you spend your screen time?

I’m looking forward to updating this more as the year comes to a close. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and please share and subscribe it you like the content I’m putting out.

Love Always,

Kristi My