Forward Into Fall: 4 Things I’m Ready For

We’re officially into the fall season, but if I’m being honest then you would know that my holiday boxes came out on the first of September and that the Halloween boxes were unpacked by Labor Day. This time of year is my favorite after all, so I try to savor as much of it as I can. Not the pumpkin spice lattes, because I actually don’t like the taste of those, but I just love the overall atmosphere of the seasons.

Being that it is the first weekend of fall, I thought I would share some things that I’m looking to fall into (see what I did there?).

1) Colder Weather

Living in Florida, this probably won’t happen for a long while. And we don’t get the beautiful changing of the leaves the way that other places do. However, I can pretend that it happens by turning the temperature in the house and car way down. Then there’s no reason for me to feel strange about my sweaters, scarves, and boots.

2) Fall Shopping

The best thing that goes on the market at this time of year is candles. Bath and Body Works comes out with their Marshmallow Fireside, and before long Yankee Candle will come out with their Christmas Cookie candle.

Aside from candles, I’m a firm believer that a girl can never have too many boots, and scarves can double up as a small blanket. Plus, the color shifts to something a little bit darker, and I love it. Most recently, I’ve grown to love the color maroon, which just seems to be a fall staple.

3) Fall Television and Movies

Anyone who knows me knows that I love television, especially The CW. I’m ready for the return of my shows. While I  feel like some of them have gone down hill (cough, cough, Supergirl, cough, cough, needs Cat Grant), CW is usually able to redeem themselves. And that is what I continue to hope for, since The Flash ended in such a tragic way, and that ending of Arrow kind of just blew my mind.

I’m all over the board on movies. I really want to see Pixar’s Coco, but that’s mainly because I want to see this story of Olaf from Frozen. Also, since I’ve never had any loyalties in the whole Marvel vs. D.C. comic debate, Justice League and Thor: Ragnok are both high on my interest list. Then there’s Blake Lively is in All I See is You, but I’m not sure what to make of that one. And it’s probably my inner writing nerd, but I have the urge to see The Man Who Invented Christmas, which is about Charles Dickens and how he came up with the character Scrooge.

 4) Holidays and Related Events

Disney currently has their Food and Wine Festival, as well as their Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I haven’t been to either, but I’ve been saying that I want to go for years. This is probably the year I’ll go, since I have an annual pass now.

Halloween is the holiday with the most fun. I love dressing up, and I have such a big sweet tooth. For an outer space themed social, I dressed up as Supergirl and I had more fun getting the outfit together than I had at the actual social. But that’s fine, because now I know for future reference.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Day Parade, food, and then spending a bunch of time with my amazing family. I love the idea of tradition, so every time that my mom tries to say we should take a trip, I say, “Sure, we’re just going to stay home for Thanksgiving.” I just like to stay home, make Thanksgiving food, and then go to bed. Or, if you’re a shopaholic, leave the house with Thanksgiving leftovers for the car rides and the camping.

Then, before you know it, and before I’m ever ready, Christmas music plays on the radio and through the stores, and you can practically smell winter in the air.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥