Reflection Wednesday

Hi loves,

I hope all is going well. Starting this week, I think I’m going to blog weekly on Wednesdays, just to share my thoughts and let the world know I’m alive. Just short, quick posts concerning the state of my mind.

General Thoughts I Want To Touch On…

  • Organization: If you’re anything like me, then being organized and planning things out is something that comes and goes. But I just discovered a really cool idea that is meant to be tailored to it’s user, and I hope that it’ll work for me. Being that it’s the first week of school, and I’ve already missed a class, this will probably be useful. I’ll be sure to share soon.
  • Technology: I just figured out what the iCloud is. Let’s just say that my life seems to be composed of moments that could be used as a Samsung ad.
  • The Bachelor: I knew that things would go one of two ways for Liz, and it looks like she got sent home. She seemed to kind of push Nick this way, though, practically forcing him to confront her as she told their break-up story in front of all the other girls. The breath of fresh air this season seems to be Danielle, who literally seems to be as sweet as syrup, even after going through all that she did with her ex. I have a feeling that things will end up the same way as Caila though… and let’s not get started on Crazy Corinne…
  • Beauty: I am just now realizing that I will probably need a make-up kit for on the go. Being a student that commutes, and then pairing that with the desire to be more active, walking into my classes all sweaty would not necessarily leave the highest impression on my peers and professors. So on my to do list: pull together an on-the-go make-up bag.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back again real soon.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥