What I’m Reading This Month

It’s the weekend, and while I know everyone looks forward to the weekend, I’ve been extra excited for this one. Beyond being the start of spooky season, October is National Book Month, and I’m more than happy to spend my weekend curled up with a book.

As a writer, the advice that usually gets handed out is to read and write often. So I do, because these are things that I love to do. The inspiration for this post comes from that, because I figured it would be good practice for me to write about what I’m reading this month.

Rebel by Marie Lu

Seeing this book on the shelf in the bookstore would have to be the thing that made me the most excited for the weekend. Marie Lu is one of my favorite writers, and while I knew this book was coming out, I never noted when. So when I saw the physical copy in the store, I was so delighted that I squealed.

The thing that makes Rebel a special book on this list for me is that it is a continuation of Lu’s Legend Trilogy. This trilogy is when I first read Marie Lu and fell in love with her writing. Now, reading Rebel has been like falling in love with her writing and these characters all over again. I don’t want to give too much away, since it is the forth book, but if you enjoy a good dystopian story, I definitely recommend that you pick up this series by Marie Lu.

A photo of the book Rebel by Marie Lu.
Isn’t the cover beautiful? It definitely caught my eye in the bookstore.

Carrie by Stephen King

As aforementioned, it is spooky season. That means that a scary thriller had to be on the list. While I personally don’t enjoy a good scare, it does go well with the season. Plus, Stephen King is a master at his craft. I’m also telling myself that if reading this isn’t too terrible, I’ll finish it and watch the movie version with Chloe Grace Moretz.

The story of Carrie is about a girl who is bullied by her classmates. They’re not aware that Carrie has the ability to move and manipulate objects with her mind. What happens when she decides to weaponize her gift? I don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll find out once I finish reading.

A photo of my copy of Carrie by Stephen King.
Can you see the skull on the cover? Creepy.

Break the Body, Haunt the Bones by Micah Dean Hicks

Continuing on with the spooky theme is this sci-fi novel published by an independent press. I actually picked up this book before this school semester started, but I haven’t been able to really indulge in it with all my textbook reading. There’s no time like the present to do what I set out to.

Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones is about a small town where being haunted by ghosts is the definition of normal. Swine Hill is overrun with them, so ghosts making changes to the town is quite a normal phenomenon. What isn’t normal are the town’s newcomers, who can’t be haunted, and the things that happen after they arrive aren’t so normal either.

A photo of my copy of Break the Bodies, Haunt the Bones by Micah Dean Hicks.
The cover definitely makes the book look like a sci-fi novel.

I’m Proud of You by Tim Madigan

Out of all the books on the list, I think this is the one that doesn’t quite fit in with the rest of them. Variety and diversity are great things though, so here it is. The reason that I’m excited about this book is that it’s about one of my favorite historical figures. It’s also a book that will give me insight into the A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood movie that’s coming out this Thanksgiving with Tom Hanks.

This book is a nonfiction book written by Tim Madigan, who is a journalist whose life was forever changed when he interviewed Fred Rogers. I’m Proud of You is Madigan’s account of what that relationship was like and how that effected him. I could only imagine what it’s like to be friends with someone like Fred Rogers, so this book will help me experience that.

A photo of my copy of I'm Proud of You by Tim Madigan, featuring a pair of my shoes.
I tried to recreate the cover in this photo, but I don’t think mine even came close.

Gravity by Robert M. Drake

Last of all is this collection of poetry, but it’s far from the least interesting thing on this list. It definitely helps to round out my list. This book was a recommendation from one of the people I treasure in my life, so of course I had to read it. Then I started it, and I realized that I’ve already read some of Drake’s work.

Robert M. Drake is actually a poet that I follow on Instagram. The realization hit me because his poetry is so distinct in his style, and the message always shines through in such a way that you can just tell. I didn’t know that he had physical books until my friend let me borrow her copy. Now, he’s a New York Times Bestseller, and I highly recommend that you go follow him on Instagram if you have the chance. His Instagram is @rmdrake , and it’s probably easier to digest a poem a day through social media than going through the whole book.

A photo of my friend's copy of Gravity by Robert M. Drake.
The cover of this book is nothing like any of the others. Isn’t it cool though?

There are so many books on my reading list, and there is so little time for me to share them all with you. If you’re still looking for more though, I have two reading lists you can check out on Her Campus. The first list is from February for Black History Month and it’s titled “6 Books You Should Be Reading This Black History Month.” The second list is more recent, and it’s titled “Life Books Every College Student Should Read.”

What are you reading this month? Do you have anything you want to recommend I read? Where is your favorite place to curl up with a book, or to get your book from? I can’t wait to hear your answers.

Love Always,

Kristi My