Bullet Journal With Me!

One of my favorite, most considerate gifts that I received for Christmas was from a good friend of mine.

On my Christmas list, I didn’t ask for a lot. The one thing that was on my list was to spend time with wonderful people in my life, and as a result she suggested that we get together and design bullet journals for the year.

What is a bullet journal?

Of course, since I hadn’t spent any time with her for the time span of months, I agreed to it right off the bat, even though I didn’t really know what a bullet journal was. So then, I had to go and look up what a bullet journal was, otherwise I never would have known what I was doing.

According to the Bulletjournal.com, the bullet journal is an organization system that is customizable to the needs of the person, whether that be a to-do list, a diary, or whatever else that you would want to use it for.

It could definitely be used as a planner, and from all the examples that I have seen, many people do use theirs as a planner. But as a person who bought a planner, and then received two for Christmas, the last thing that I needed would be another planner. So how did I customize my own?

The "Goals" page of my bullet journal, along with my "Good morning, Gorgeous" cup
Have a resolution for the year? It’s better to write it down in a place where you’ll be reminded of it. Tips for keeping resolutions: be specific. Instead of “Be healthy” try “Be active 3 times a week.” That way you know specifically what you’re trying to improve on.

From Sketchbook to Bullet Journal

When I showed up ready to exchange gifts, I wasn’t expecting to get anything, but she pulled out a small box, as well as a card, and a wallet. Opening the box, there were two Artist Loft sketchbooks, one meant for me and one meant for her. After deciding who got which one, we got to researching further and designing our bullet journals.

An image of a writing calendar, which helps me track how often I write.
By having a visual calendar like this, it’s easier for me to visualize and monitor how often I do something I want, like writing, being active, and taking the time to relax.

For me, my bullet journal turned out to be something that I’ve used as a goal book of sorts, as well as a daily log. I’ve noticed that I am a person who wants to accomplish a lot, but I don’t accomplish half as much as I would like to because I think so much about the future that I forget to focus on the present at certain times. From my perspective, the bullet journal has the ability to change that.

What I Did…

Bullet Journal Index Page
The first thing I did when I started my bullet was number the pages and create an index. That way I won’t be wasting my time trying to look for a specific page later on.

While I was researching, I found some really great articles and ideas for my bullet journal. One of my favorites is a blog titled The Lazy Genius Collective. Not only was it a great place to start when looking for the basics of bullet journaling, but I also fell in love with the writing style and I got side tracked with exploring the blog itself.

A page of the Daily Log that I designed for my bullet journal-simple and easy.
My daily log! I created one column to log things on, and another to write down a daily positive for myself. The daily positive is so that I remember to remind myself at least once a day something that I do well, which will help me boost my own confidence.

For some creative ideas, there’s a Buzzfeed article that I found that makes bullet journal creative, simple, and easy. I have yet to use some of the ideas, but now that I know them, I will definitely have them as a future reference though, since I didn’t have the ability to go out and buy stamps and washi tape at the time.

My "Books To Read" page in my bullet journal
Being a writer, I always have books on my read list. Having this page in my bullet journal will make sure that I don’t ever forget any of them! Isn’t it cute?

Finally, I’m a firm believer in learning from the best, and the Bullet Journal website has a blog post of the best ideas from 2016. I especially loved the ideas for the monthly tracker, the bookcase book log, and the popcorn movies page. Because they looked so nice, I made sure to incorporate them into my own bullet journal.

My "Movies to watch" page from my bullet journal
There are so many movies I have yet to see. This “Movies to Watch” page was inspired by two different ones that I saw on Pinterest.

From Here…

I’m going to see how this works out for me. So far, I seem to really like it. They say that each time you try something like this, you should give it two months. So I will come back and update my opinion on how this works for me later.

Interested in trying the bullet journal out? Got some cool page layouts in your own bullet journal? Share them with me down below. Also remember to like, share, and subscribe so that you can be updated every time that I update.

Love Always,

Kristi My♥