My Last Meal Menu

Quick Preface: I thought I hit publish yesterday, but I hit save draft, so this is delayed. Sorry in advance!

Day 11 of my blog challenge, and while Mondays are normally dreary, we are in quarantine, so it doesn’t seem so terrible. Although I am supposed to start work this week, I kind of am looking forward to being back at work. It’s not going to be the same, since we all have to be cautious because of COVID-19. The sense of normalcy is much appreciated.

Since today is National Eat What You Want Day, I thought we would do some more dreaming together. I’m going to start a new diet in a week, and so I am going to plan a menu out for my last meal before I die. I love food, but not I’m not an expert. The result is that I haven’t listed anything fancy, except for the fact that it fill be a 12-course affair. That way, I can have all the desires of my heart. Read on to find out what I would want to eat before dying.

Hors D’oeuvre

I don’t normally have Hors D’oeuvres, so I had to get a little creative with this one. There’s a shrimp puff wrapped in bacon that gets delivered on the dim sum carts at Asian Jewels in Flushings, NY that I dream about sometimes. You have to go when the carts are roaming, cause it’s not on the menu. Now, anyone can make a shrimp puff and wrap it in bacon, but what makes this one great is the sauce that they bring with it. I don’t know what it is, but it makes the puff taste as heavenly as a cloud.


From my understanding, and amuse-bouche is a sample-sized bite. The bite is supposed to amuse your mouth and give it a sample of what is to come. For my amuse-bouche, I have chosen soup dumplings, specifically from a place I discovered on my last trip to Brooklyn, NY. Found in the DeKalb Market Hall, Thank You Come Again is a delicious dining experience that allows you to take a seat and watch as they serve up the freshest possible food. It has been my favorite place to get soup dumplings to date.


I love soup, so much so that I justify it as one of my hangover cures. This was hard to pick, but I’ve chosen the corn chowder with lump crab from Bonefish. What I love about this soup is that the sweetness of the corn really contrasts well against the saltiness of the crab.


The appetizer I’ve chosen is also from Bonefish, and it’s their Thai coconut shrimp. It is by far the best coconut shrimp that I’ve had. It’s perfectly crispy, and the sauce makes it perfection.


Salads aren’t my favorite thing to go out and get, because they are so easy to make at home. If I am getting a salad when I’m out and about, it’s from Chick-Fil-A. I get their Cobb salad, and make sure that their chicken is fried, not grilled. The best parts about it are the roasted red pepper crisps that really give the salad bold flavor and crunch. The dressing for the salad would be honey mustard.


Like the salad, I much prefer just making a simple salmon when I’m home. Since I’m not sure if homemade meals are allowed, I would pick sushi for my fish course instead. Takara Japanese Steakhouse is one of my favorite places, and it’s local to me and not a chain. They get really creative with their courses, which also are large in portion size. What I would choose to have is the Salmon Ninja Roll for this course, because I love salmon.

First Main Course

After looking into the difference between the first main course and the second main course, I’ve learned that the first main course is usually a carb, and the second is usually a protein. For my first main course, I’ve chosen the Tempura Udon from Fujiyama Sushi. It’s not Takara, but this place holds some good memories for me because it’s where my boyfriend and I hung out for the first time. So having this as a last meal will give me some good memories. Tempura on the side so that they don’t get soggy, too.

Palate Cleanser

Palate cleansers are meant to reset your taste buds so that you can properly enjoy the next course. Initially, I didn’t know what on earth could go here because I haven’t really had real-life experience with this. Then I Googled it, and it made my decision when it came to dessert so much easier. For the palate cleanser, I’ve chosen an assortment of citrus sorbet. This is because I love ice cream, and I would’ve been really sad if my final meal didn’t include it.

Second Main Course

If you’ve never been to Poogan’s Porch, you have to make the trip one day. There’s such a homey atmosphere, and the food is so good that my sister and I ordered half of the menu when we went. For my second main course, I’ve chosen Poogan’s Chicken and Waffles. There’s something special about the way they batter the chicken breast, and the honey butter is all the sweetness I need in my life.

Cheese Course

My cheese course also comes from Poogan’s Porch. Because I’m not a cheese person, this choice isn’t going to be really traditional. Half of the cheese course is going to be the Pimento Cheese Fritters, because that’s my favorite kind of cheese and their green tomato jam really does jam. The other half is going to be their mac & cheese, because it’s the best I’ve ever had in the span of my years of living.


Since we got ice cream for a palate cleanser, we get to go with my other favorite thing for dessert. It’s creme brulee from AA Garden Fusion. If you haven’t had creme brulee, it’s a sweet, creamy dessert with a hard shell of torched sugar. What makes it special from AA Garden Fusion is that they rotate their desserts daily, and their creme brulee is usually featured with some unique flavor. Matcha green tea, ginger dark chocolate, but my favorite to this day is their white chocolate creme brulee. Is my sweet tooth showing yet?


I didn’t know what this was either, but upon research, I learned this is right up my alley. It’s a bite-sized dessert course that is usually served with coffee. The coffee that I have on a regular basis is a Vietnamese iced coffee, which is brewed Cafe Du Monde Coffee and Chicory with sweetened condensed milk. In my case, there’s extra sweetened condensed milk, and the bite-sized dessert would be a Biscoff cookie. It is one of my grandma’s favorite cookies, and she is the one who got me to start drinking coffee, so this course is a commemoration of her. She also is the person who helped me develop my love of food.

What would you have on your last meal menu? Do you have a favorite food? If you”ve tried any diets, which one have you found to work for you? Tell me in the comments below!

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Love Always,

Kristi My