Friday Favorites: 8 Favorite Blog Follows

I gotta say that it’s really satisfying knowing that I’ve made it to day 8 of my blogging challenge. I’m over halfway through my challenge, and I think I’m still going strong. Some of my favorite blog posts to write are the ones where I’m sharing my favorite things. I thought it would be really fitting to share some of the blogs that have influenced me as I try and become more involved in the blogging community. Since it’s day 8 of my blogging challenge, here are 8 of my favorite blogs that I follow.

With Love, Caila

The blog started as a place for her to share love letters with the world. Eventually, it became the place for her to write letters about love as she started to fall in love. Now its evolved into a lifestyle blog, and I love it because I feel like I really relate to her. I’m excited to see what happens now that she’s engaged. It’s been cute to see her relationship develop as her brand has expanded.

Here are 3 of my favorite blog posts by Caila:

Lena Daniels

I met Lena when I was starting out as a writer for Her Campus UCF, and to say that she is at a level I aspire to would be an understatement. Before she graduated, she became President of Her Campus UCF and has the portfolio I wish I had. While she does have a link to a blog, her Instagram feed is updated much more often. I think I’ve become one of her more annoying Instagram followers, but I love her vibe, her fashion sense, and her outlook on life. She also has the ability to make me wish that I endless space in my closet her fashion choices

I’m going to include a screen grab of her beautiful Instagram feed here. I highly recommend that you give her a follow @lena.daniels if you find it as aesthetically pleasing as I do.

@lena.daniels pt. 1
@lena.daniels pt. 1
@Lena.Daniels pt. 2
@Lena.Daniels pt. 2

Huda Beauty

Before she took over the beauty industry with her amazing cosmetics brand, Huda Kattan ran a beauty blog on the internet just like I’m trying to do now. Take into consideration that she is one of the richest, self-made female entrepreneurs in America according to Forbes, and I love her brand even more.

Here are 3 blog posts by Huda Kattan that have influenced how I do my makeup:

Nicole Elisabeth

For a while, I’ve mentioned to you my love of Disney, and following Nicole’s blog has helped me fall deeper into that love. What might not come through the blog is that she a quirky nerd, but she makes it so cute that she is the cool girl in my eyes. Like Lena, I’ve also had the chance to know her as my Editor-In-Chief of Her Campus UCF. Her blog is so wholesome with a beautiful aesthetic, and her fashion is so spot-on that her look-books are some of my favorite posts.

Here are my 3 favorites:

Becca Tilley

This one by far is my absolute favorite, just because Becca is one of my favorite personalities. I’ve loved her since her stint on The Bachelor, and fell more in love with her on her podcast Scrubbing In with Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad. I just identified with her as a long-time virgin and someone who struggled with dating for a while. As a girl with wanderlust though, her YouTube channel and her blog are definitely great places to visit.

To change things up, here is one of my favorite YouTube videos that she has released:

Lana Condor YouTube

I think I fell in love with Lana Condor the same way that many of her fans have. She has the starring role in the Netflix movie To All the Boys I Loved Before. If that wasn’t enough, I found out that she’s Vietnamese, just like me, and we are literally 4 days apart in age. It blew my mind, and I became obsessed with her and everything that she stands for.

Since having the same heritage is what made me fall in love with her, I thought it was fitting that I share this video of hers:

Always, Alex

I don’t know Alex personally, but I actually connected with her through social media. We’re similar in our mindsets, and the point we’re at in our lives. What makes us different is that she’s a little further along in life than I am, and has been able to travel a bit more than me. Her blog is great because it’s unapologetically honest, and that’s a trait to be admired these days.

Here are some of my favorite blogs from Alex:

Travel With Tinsley

The world has so much happening, all the time, that sometimes the dream of seeing it all can be overwhelming. That’s the beauty of following a travel blog, and what makes Tinsley’s blog really unique is that I feel like she is really looking for the hole-in-the-wall things to do, and she’s making travel a bit more affordable. That’s perfect for a college girl like me.

These are the blog posts that fuel my wanderlust while helping me plan my next adventure:

Do you have any favorite blogs to follow? What do you look for in a blog? How do you think I’m doing?

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Love Always,

Kristi My