Holiday Traditions

If you’ve seen Disney’s Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, you’ll know what has inspired this post, beyond the holidays. Just in case you’ve forgotten it or don’t know about the short, I’ll attach a trailer here so that you can get an idea about what it’s about.

Disney’s official trailer of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure from YouTube.

I will say over and over that the holidays are my favorite time of year. While my traditions aren’t grand or unique in anyway, I can say that I love them. I love them because I can rely on them happening, and the consistency of spending time with my family in a room full of love is more than I can ask for.


As I said, our traditions are actually very simple and straight forward. I think what makes it unique for us is that I have an old-fashioned camcorder that I record them on. I usually break it out for special occasions, like Christmas. It keeps all our memories in one place that way.

On the night of Christmas Eve, my sisters and I watch a Christmas movie together and bake cookies. The cookies are obviously for Santa, and we usually set them on out right next to the Christmas tree.

Before going to bed that night, we place a glass of milk with the plate of cookies right next to the tree. After everything is situated, we each pick one present to open. It gives us all a peak of what we’re going to look forward to for the next day, which practically keeps our eyes open with excitement as we lay in bed.

On the morning of Christmas, I am usually the first one to wake up because I am extra excited to watch the Christmas Day Parade on TV. On this day, we tend to stay in our PJs all day. It’s okay because we’re all a family anyway, and it’s easier to spend time together when we’re all comfortable.

We open presents, and then relax together. My parents usually work so often that it’s nice to enjoy one of the days that they consistently stay home. There’s always food to eat, and another Christmas movie to watch. All in all, Christmas is a day for us to unwind with family.

I couldn’t find a quality video to describe my Christmas mood, so this lyric video will have to do instead.

New Years

I can’t say that New Years is too different from Christmas. If I’m honest, I’m getting to the point where I am too tired to stay up the whole time until the clock strikes midnight. Last year, in fact, I ended up falling asleep and my mom woke me up two minutes before the ball dropped.

A common thing for my family is that we end up half days on New Years Eve, so we’re not all together until after work. We will have dinner together, and then my parents will go to a party for the evening. They work so often that they don’t typically go out very often, but they always make an exception for New Years.

Usually, I stay in and I go between all of the recordings of the party taking place elsewhere. As I enjoy the parties from the comfort of my home, I will also sit down and reflect on the year, and begin prepping for the next.

When the ball drops at midnight, I will laying arounds with my dog, surrounded by people who love me, and I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year.

Do you have any unique holiday traditions that you’re willing to share? What do you think is the best way to start the new year? I would love to hear all about them.

Love Always,

Kristi My